Idol and You


What have you allowed to come between you and God? Is it something you think you can’t live without? Take time to step back and to carefully evaluate.

American Idol seems light years away from a group of primitive people in a far off land bowing down to wood or stone idols. But there is a connection. Idols are people and things that we give excessive admiration, worship, or devotion to. They don’t have to be primitive man-made objects you’d find on a remote island. We make idols out of celebrities like athletes, actors, singers, bands – anyone who can influence another person.

Sometimes we make idols out of friends and even ourselves. We can also make idols out of regular everyday objects like smart phones, iPads, or even cars. For some of us it could be popularity, power, or money. All of these people and things are not necessarily bad – unless they have captured our hearts in an unhealthy way. The danger comes when we allow anyone or anything to come between us and God.

It really all comes down to a “me” issue. We get spiritually distracted and look in the wrong place for fulfillment thinking that we know what we’re doing. We end up rejecting God for someone or something else. Look at how this trade - off is described in Romans 1:23. “And instead of worshiping the glorious, ever-living God, they worshipped idols made to look like mere people and birds and animals and reptiles.”

This doesn’t sound like something an intelligent person would ever consider doing. But I know there’ve been times in my life when I’ve rejected God for an idol. Chances are you have too. It’s easy and can happen so subtly – without warning. But when I stop and actually think about it, I realize how lame it is to worship things God has made – or someone else – rather than being devoted to Him.

So what have you allowed to come between you and God? Is it something you think you can’t live without? Whatever it is that’s consuming all your passion and energy – even things that seem to be “good.” Take time to step back and carefully evaluate.

It’s about more than giving God first place in your life. First place isn’t enough. He must become your life.

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