Iced In


Whether you feel "iced in" or merely stuck, enjoy the season you're in. God may be trying to draw you near to Him!

Today is going into the 4th day of being ICED in. Yes, that’s right. Not snowed in… not the fluffy fun stuff. ICE. The kind that makes you slip and fall on your bottom and be sore for days.

The Ford house had four days of isolation and being stuck at home with one 24 hour hiccup thrown in there of having no electricity, causing us to be so frozen it was worth braving the roads to sleep at our in-laws for one night. (We were so thankful they weren’t too far away.)

I’ve loved seeing all the posts on Facebook. The first day we’re all so excited about a day off. No school, no work—SO exciting. We finally get a day off and can just enjoy this white stuff! Day 2 is pretty fun too. You snuggle up with a good book and enjoy being cuddled up to the fire. Day 3 you start to get a little stir crazy and want to try to brave the roads. Maybe your kids are running out of things to do and they are driving you nuts. Even a trip to the grocery store is sounding kind of nice. By day 4, you’re over it. You are ready for everything to go back to normal and for the boredom to end.

How quickly we forget how much we have wanted life to just stop for a moment so we can enjoy each other’s company and just take a breather. God answers our prayers and we still find reasons to not be content, and we're immediately looking for things to change again.

(I’m talking to myself here.)

I’m not sure why I feel so out of place when everything is quiet and still. (Well, as quiet and still a house with four kids can possibly be...) I catch myself waiting for “what’s next” instead of enjoying the moment we are in right now.

Whether it’s our physical appearance, our financial situation, our job role/position, our house, our “things” or something else, it’s easy for us to be discontent with the blessing that God has provided us right now.

I remember when I was a teenager and before I got married, my mom and I were iced in our house. And on top of that, our car was parked in the garage and a visitor had somehow parked their car behind ours so we were completely blocked in. They had their key and were snowed in at a location elsewhere. We got SO stir crazy. We wanted to get out of the house so badly, and we didn’t care about the ice, we just had to figure out how to get past this car blocking us. So one of us had the bright idea (ok it was me) to literally INCH our way out of the garage by turning the car around IN the garage to make it go out front-first out the other side of the garage. I’m not sure if you can even mentally picture what I’m saying because it’s absolutely insane. Especially considering this was a super large 4-door Mercedes sedan – just a giant car.

When there’s a will, there’s a way.

We inched forward, then reversed an inch. Then inched forward, then reversed an inch. Then inched forward, then reversed an inch. TIMES 1 MILLION.

At one point, this giant car was completely perpendicular in the garage. At that point we had an “oh no” moment. We were praying my dad wouldn’t come home and see what we were doing and we realized we had gone too far to turn back. We had to keep going.

This whole process took like TWO hours!!!!

We finally got the car out, and laughed all the way to the mall. WOW.

I was reflecting back on that crazy memory this past weekend and how I’ve always been an adrenaline junkie. I need to be going, doing and moving forward in some way… when I can accomplish so much just by sitting in God’s presence. He is with us always and waiting for us to just stop every once in a while and just rest.

Keep your life free from love of money, and be content with what you have, for he has said, “I will never leave you nor forsake you.” {Hebrews 13:5}

Embrace Grace posted this status over the weekend and I just love it: You know how great it feels when your little one just wants to curl up next to you and be quiet and still? 

Jesus likes that too.

Whatever season you are in, whether you feel iced in or if you feel stuck, enjoy that season. God might be wanting you to draw near to Him. To stop and see how far you’ve come with Him. He might want you to reflect and rejoice with Him for the goodness and blessings in your life.

Be still and know that I am God—{Psalm 46:10}.

Enjoy your Iced-In moments. There is a lot of goodness there too.

Written by Amy Ford

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