I've Graduated High School. Now What?


Through the major transitions in life, God will be there to give his love and comfort.

"I'm scared about college," I told my friend between sobs. "And I'm even more nervous about this whole 'real world' thing."

I mean, I didn't even know how to balance a checkbook or cook anything besides soup and nachos! How would I ever survive all the changes?

I really didn't mean to start crying. But I couldn't hold in my fears (or tears) any longer. And while it had been more than a month since high-school graduation, I hadn't thought much about all the changes in my life. Until then.

Changes like college. My friend tried to assure me that college wouldn't be all that hard and that I would adjust in time. I appreciated those words of reassurance, but I still felt uptight, frightened, anxious, downright terrified.

I felt the same way during the transition from eighth grade to high school. Just the word "high school" implied so many changes. Bigger building. More students. Tougher classes. I hadn't realized how overwhelming those changes were, though, until the first day of classes. After the last bell rang, I walked to my mom's car, willing myself not to cry until I was safely in the front seat with the door closed. "How was it?" she asked. The tears cascading down my face gave her the answer.

But gradually, I adjusted to going to school with more than 2,000 other kids, studying until 9 or 10 at night, and balancing homework with extracurricular activities. I had officially "transitioned" from eighth grade to high school.

And now that I'm finishing up my first year at college, I've discovered a few things I really like about this newest transition. For the first time in my life, I can decide when I eat, when I go to bed, when I study.

As I think back to my past transitions, I realize I made it through them all. And a lot of my fears turned out to be, well, really nothing to be afraid of. And when my fears did get me down, God was there to give me his love and comfort.

I know I'll go through more major changes. I'll surely shed more tears because of them. Even so, looking back to my past transitions gives me confidence to face the future, whatever the future may toss my way.

Written by Christy Simon

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