I Have a Soul-Matching Dream


We can learn so much from women who lived and struggled many years before we did. And we can offer them a lot of joy and support, too!

I believe that in the soul of every young mom is a yearning to be connected with an older, wiser woman. In a dream world, that would be the most nurturing mother figure out there. Our own mom. A godly woman that says just the right words. That scoops our kids on the hardest days. She knows when to stay silent and knows when to send flowers. She is filled with wisdom and unconditional love.

The harsh reality is that some of you have lost your moms.

Some of you have tough relationships with your moms.

Some of you have moved far away from your moms.

This dream connection isn’t playing out like you thought, BUT the yearning in your soul and your heart is still there.

Did you know the same yearning is there for these older women? I know mature women that LONG to be grandmothers. I know mature women that want to be plugged in to their children’s lives. They want to live close by. They want to babysit. They just want to be there. Or, they have lost children and may never have the joy of grandchildren.

So, what do we do?

  1. I do believe we personally have to take steps towards forgiveness and grace in our own relationships. Do everything you can to fight for the mothers AND (please, oh please) for the beautiful mothers-in-law in your life.
  2. I think we can boldly pray for another match for this season of life.

What if a neighbor became a grandmother figure in your kid’s life? NOT A REPLACEMENT! What if a friend in the church became the “mom” you need so bad when you just need some advice and counsel?

What if WE became the daughter one precious woman never had or needs so closely?

What if God chose to make some precious divine matches in our towns?

I believe He can knit together these relationships so beautifully.  Not to abuse them for babysitting privileges, but to create beautiful Christ-like relationships that mutually fill each other with love and support. There is so much to learn from folks that have lived and struggled so many years before we did. We have so much joy and support to offer another person as well.

I don’t want to do an online match up. I want us to pray for these matches. I want us to have the courage to reach out to someone in our church and just ask her to coffee. I want you to keep your eyes peeled for these women – those girls that need a mom AND those older women that need some sweet pseudo grandkids loving on them. I want you to have the courage to tell a friend you want this – ask them to help you think of someone. A porch talk every week or every couple weeks could be just what God has for you. I am not sure – you just ask Him.

I am so blessed to have an amazing mom, mother-in-law and mentors. I feel so filled in this area. The distance from my mom has shown me that it is a BLESSING in my life I should never take for granted. Hearing from my friends that have lost their moms or don’t have great relationships with their moms just got me thinking.

What if? What if we don’t have to accept the cards we were dealt… and what if God brought just what we needed and worked his precious love through the body of Christ?

Let’s not forget to start our days with Him – He is truly our first and best source of filling our hearts and minds with identity and love.

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