How to Internalize a Book of the Bible in 60 Days (And Enjoy It At the Same Time)


Keith Ferrin shares 4 ways to internalize a book of the Bible in 60 days and gives a new approach to studying the Bible effectively.

What if I told you that 60 days from now you could know – and love – a book of the Bible better than any you’ve ever studied before? What if, by the end of those 60 days, I told you that you would have huge sections of it internalized – word-for-word – without ever really trying? Interested?

1. Know the Principle – Our brains naturally, easily, and enjoyably learn anything from the general to the specific, not from the specific to the specific. Most of us study the Bible a little bit at a time not to gain general understanding, then getting a little deeper, then a little deeper. Once we understand this principle, we can apply the next three steps – all built on the analogy of building a house: Foundation (first), Framing (next), Finish Work (last).

2. Build a Foundation – This is the phase that is most missing for most people when it comes to reading the Bible. Sadly, it’s also the piece that sets the stage for remembering what we read, and enjoying it at the same time. In this step, we look at how to read the book of the Bible to get a firm understanding, as well some tips on how to read to really make it stick.

3. Frame it up – This phase is pretty quick, but it is super important. In this phase you break down the general understanding you’ve gained into major themes, ideas, and concepts. This gives you a firm grasp of a book – what is in it, where to find different things, etc.

4. Do the Finish Work – You can think of this phase as taking a deep look at the scenes of a movie that you’ve watched, know well, and love. To study the scene of a movie you’ve never watched is pretty academic and tedious. However, if you’ve seen the movie, talking about a specific scene, character, or filming technique is very interesting and enjoyable. We also explore how to apply and live out what we’re reading. (Kind of important, don’t you think?)

Where do I start?

In the answer to this question, I look at the two reasons why I highly suggest starting with Philippians or II Timothy. Hint: One of the reasons is that they’re both really short.

How do I adapt this process for longer books?

Once you have taken a 60-Day Adventure in Philippians or II Timothy (or both), you might want to tackle a longer book. In that case, it’s going to take a bit more than 60 days. I would explore what adjustments need to be made, and why longer is actually not a bad thing if the goal is to know it, and hang out with Jesus in His Word.

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