How to Bridge the Differences


How can you communicate when it seems like you just cannot find the right words?

As mentioned earlier, an emotional word picture is a communication tool that uses a story or object to activate simultaneously the emotions and the intellect of a person.

In so doing, it causes the person to experience our words, not just hear them. You might think of them as vivid metaphors or similes. They can be as simple as stating, I feel like I’m in a jungle surrounded by tigers, if expressing fear or anxiety at work.

How do you honestly tell the one you love about something you find displeasing or aggravating without prompting that familiar defensive stare or indifferent shrug?

You can help your mate become more sensitive to the problem by using a word picture rather than direct confrontation. Use examples that interest him or her, such as hobbies, everyday objects, or imaginary stories.

A lot of men avoid soft words and tender comfort because they’ve never been taught how to use them. Nor do they understand the positive effects those things will have on their wives and the sense of wellbeing they themselves will receive.

People who consistently use word pictures to point out the faults of others are misusing this communication method. They may make you feel terrible with their words and somehow convince you it’s your fault. Word pictures are to be used to convey how you feel, not to attack the other person.

The communication bridge between you and your spouse can be an emotional word picture, which can be a tremendous help in adding depth and impact to your conversations. Added to this, consistent, gentle touching is a powerful way to increase feelings of security, prime the pump for meaningful communication, and set the stage for emotionally bonding and romantic times. That’s because a gentle hug is a powerful nonverbal word picture of love.

Meaningful communication is sharing your feelings, goals, and ideas – your very personhood. But it isn’t always easy to express those deeper things to one another. That’s where the right word picture can help to bring your thoughts to life, activating your mate’s emotions as well as intellect.

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