How Important Is Prayer to You?


When we pray, it says a lot about us. If we pray first when a situation occurs, it means we know we need God very much.

Prayer is often the last action people take. Should not prayer be the first choice we make? Why should it take a bad diagnosis, a major business loss, or a big problem to move prayer up in our daily action plan? How important is prayer to you?

When we pray...

When we pray, it says a lot about us. If we wait and pray later rather than earlier, it says we believe we do not need God very much. If we pray first when a situation occurs, it means we know we need God very much.

In our independent world, we must refuse to declare independence from God. Dependence on God is essential. Therefore, consider these thoughts today on prayer and its importance in your life:

1. When we pray, we are depending on God. When we do not pray, we are depending on ourselves.

Therefore, pray. Talk to God daily. Talk to God throughout the day. Carry on a continual communion with God.

Talking to yourself may make you feel better, but only God can help you through your life. Talking to others may provide counsel, but Jesus is the Wonderful Counselor. He will counsel you, coach you, and be your constant through your life.

2. Prayer is faith.

When you pray, you are declaring absolute dependence on the Lord! Therefore, pray whenever you need to exercise any level of faith, because prayer is faith. When you pray, you are trusting in the Lord completely.

In fact, faith is built up greatly when we pray with and for one another. I regularly pray with and for others. My ongoing daily prayer list is continually changing. Prayer builds faith in my life. It creates expectancy for God to move in the situation.

3. Prayer is action.

When you start your day with God, you are taking action upon your day. When you pray anytime, anywhere, about anything, you are taking action.

Oftentimes, we take matters in our own hands. Our impulsiveness or impatience shows we are depending on ourselves and not upon God.

Clearly understand: The greatest action you can take is prayer. This does not eliminate taking other actions. It is a matter of priority and prominence in your life. If a person needs a job, we do not simply pray for a job, but also take the action of trying to find a job.

Each day

Each day, make prayer your first choice.

Each day, realize that when you pray, you are demonstrating great faith in God.

Each day, live like prayer is important to you.

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