How Are You Preparing for Eternity?


The day will come when each of us will stand before God. Alone. The question is, will we be ready?

The day will come when each of us will stand before God. Alone. The question is, will we be ready?

Scripture exhorts us, “Brothers and sisters, make every effort to be sure of your calling and election” (2 Peter 1:10 NET). The operative word here is sure.

Were you ever sure of something only to later find out you were wrong? It can be vexing. As a typical male, I’m often sure of the route, the instructions, the procedure, the formula, or the method—only to discover that I’m in the wrong neighborhood or that the project, assembly, or formula must be started again, this time following the instructions. It’s frustrating. I’ve wasted gas, time, resources, or money. I was sure I knew, but in reality I didn’t.

I don’t want to make the same mistake with eternity, and I imagine you don’t either. But I have a question for you—what are you doing now to prepare for eternity? Consider this scenario:

Imagine if you were a part of an experiment where the next 24 hours would determine the quality of the rest of your life. Everything from the job you hold to the neighborhood and house you live in will be tied to how you navigate a single day. I bet you would approach those 24 hours intentionally—not leaving things to chance and hoping for the best.

This idea might seem far-fetched, but it closely resembles how your choices today will impact your destiny forever. That’s the heart behind my message in Driven by Eternity.

The sobering fact is that when we stand before our Creator, it is too late for a do-over. Each of us is given exactly one chance to spend our lives in a way that will matter forever. Eternity may seem far off now, but I can promise you that when you cross over into that realm, nothing else will matter. My hope and prayer is that the Holy Spirit will fill you with wisdom to live with intentionality and fulfill your God-ordained potential.

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