Have We Barely Scratched the Surface?


Beth Jones provides a few powerful verses to help you open your spiritual eyes and "see" the glorious riches of your inheritance in Christ.

"I thank my God at all times for you because of the grace (the favor and spiritual blessing) of God which was bestowed on you in Christ Jesus, [So] that in Him in every respect you were enriched, in full power and readiness of speech [to speak of your faith] and complete knowledge and illumination [to give you full insight into its meaning]." (1 Corinthians 1:4-5, AMP)

I think we have barely scratched the surface of how good God is.

Do we really know how blessed we are in Christ? Are we acquainted with how loving our Heavenly Father is? How generous He has been? What He's made available to us in Christ? Do we know how good God is? How favored we are by Him? How much He wants us to experience His blessings and riches? I am sure we have only experienced the tip of the iceberg...perhaps it will take eternity to grasp!

Do you need a refreshing dose of the revelation of His amazing, extravagant love in your life? A personal acquaintance with the goodness of God is a revelation that He alone imparts. As we spend time in His Word, the Holy Spirit will open our spiritual eyes to help us "see" the glorious riches of our inheritance in Christ.

Here are a few verses to get you started; these are from a new translation of the Bible I received on a trip to the UK last summer. "The Truth New Testament" is a clear, compelling, contemporary translation of the Bible by the well-known Christian leader Colin Urquhart, founder of Kingdom Faith in the UK. (If you'd like to order this translation of the New Testament, I encourage you to click the link and do so. You'll enjoy this accurate and refreshing version.)

I encourage you to write these verses on index cards and carry them with you every day for the next month, read them, meditate on them, pray them and speak them over your life!

"For He has blessed us through our life in Christ with every spiritual blessing that belongs to His heavenly Kingdom." (Eph. 1:3, The Truth)

"For if we know we are His children, then we know also that we are His heirs. Yes, we are heirs of God and inherit all His blessings along with Christ…." (Rom. 8:17, The Truth)

"Why should He do such a thing? Because this causes His people to praise Him for His glorious grace, that which He gives freely to those who deserve nothing from Him. All this grace He has given us in Jesus, the Son He loves." (Eph. 1:6, The Truth)

"Because you live in Christ you have been blessed with all His heavenly riches. He has blessed you in every conceivable way. You know that all His riches are yours and you are able to speak His many blessings over your life." (1 Cor. 1:5, The Truth)

Why not get started by speaking these blessings over your life and praying this prayer today:

Say It: “Father, according to Your Word in Ephesians 1, I ask You to fill my heart with light so that I can see for myself and know in my own experience the hope to which You have called me and the purpose You want to see fulfilled in my life; so that I may enjoy the riches of Your glorious inheritance. In Jesus' Name. Amen."

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