Great Leaders Have Four Jobs


John Jackson discusses the four main responsibilities that effective leadership will accomplish.

I've had the privilege to lead and study leadership for over three decades now. I think I've learned a few things along the way with God’s help and people’s patience. Here are a few observations:

  • Good managers organize for efficiency. Good leaders direct for effectiveness. 
  • Great leaders galvanize and mobilize for breakthrough. Great leaders take their teams to greater heights than previously thought possible. 

So, what does a great leader do to galvanize and mobilize?  I think great leaders have four jobs…

1) Vision-casting - Great leaders cast a vision of the future that is preferable to the present. Vision casting is all about seeing the future with a “God’s-eye view" and painting the picture in compelling ways that causes people to risk the security of today for the hope of tomorrow. Great leaders speak in sentences that sing rather than paragraphs that snore.

2) Creating Environments - Great leaders establish a “greenhouse” for their teams where mission, vision, and values can flourish. Creating the right environment allows greatness to prosper; the wrong environment kills creativity and destroys dreams.

3) Developing Systems - Great leaders don’t just do “pie in the sky” thinking.  Great leaders deal with “on the ground” realities and create systems for relationships, process, and support mechanisms to further the life and vision of their organizations. They create a “get 'er done” urgency and game plan with their teams.

4) Equipping Leaders - Great leaders always multiply value in the lives of others by giving away leadership to others. Great leaders are not threatened by other leaders but instead are energized by them. Equipping others means the whole team grows forward towards the future.

How are you doing with your four jobs?

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