Good to Be Poor?


If you live in humble circumstances, give thanks to God! Steve Noble explains why.

James 1:9

Believers in humble circumstances ought to take pride in their high position.

This passage certainly seems to be a contradiction in terms, doesn’t it? Christians in humble (poor) circumstances ought to feel good about their “high position?” That’s a pretty wild statement, but even more so in the American context. What in the world is James getting at, here?

First of all, notice whom this is written to: believers in Christ Jesus. As a Christian, the world’s means of measuring “success” are no longer valid. Your worth is no longer found in what man thinks of you, but in what Christ has done for you. Not looks or position or zip code or net worth or cars or vacations…but Christ and Christ alone.

Secondly, note the link between humble circumstances and high position, that is, your status as a born again Christian. Being rich doesn't make it impossible to become a Christian, but it does make it more difficult (Mth. 19:24). Do you ever wonder why that is? It’s simple, really: the more you have, the less you “need.” The world, the flesh, and the devil are collaborating to keep you away from Christ by convincing you that you really don’t “need” Him.

So, if you live in humble circumstances…give thanks to God! It made it a little easier for you to be moved into a “high position” as a follower of Christ!

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