Going Down to the Camp


It can be scary to face our callings, but callings were never meant to be easy. Like Gideon, when we are called we can depend on God to be our hope and our confidence.

But if you are afraid to go down, go… down to the camp, and you will hear what they say; and afterward your hands will be strengthened” Judges 7:10.

In January, 2007 God laid upon my heart the task of finishing and having published a book my 99 year old grandmother had been working on over the past 15 years.  I had only been pursuing a deeper relationship with God for a year and felt extremely inadequate for the calling.   I had dabbled in writing at the Spirit’s enabling but was certainly no match for this task.  I went to visit her in the assisted living home to speak to her about the completion of her book.  She was overwhelmed with the fact that God always fulfills what He promises His children.  With her blessing, I looked at the bookcase which housed random years of journals.  They were in no particular order so I just grabbed the top journal and began reading different months of writings.  I felt like a trespasser onto her property until I read an entry she had recorded on July 31, 1997.  She wrote, “At hand, however is the completion of this book - that is doing my part on it.  The financing, getting an agent, getting it published and distributed is God’s work.  He has promised to take care of it.  I rest on Him.”  It was at this point I realized that God had given me both an invitation and privilege to be upon this holy ground and to play a part in fulfilling His promise to her.  Like Gideon, God went before me and planted confirmations and encouragement that would strengthen my heart for the task.

It can be scary to face our callings but callings were never meant to be easy.   Some callings are heartbreaking as we are asked to walk in life with the loss of a loved one.  Some callings are brutally challenging as we are asked to care for a disabled child.  Some callings are daunting as we are asked to lead a huge congregation.  Callings require faith…they require a humble heart…they demand constant knee service.  But like Gideon, when we are called we can depend on God to be our hope and confidence.  He will go before us, lead us into the task required, show us the way to be victorious and strengthen our hearts when we feel dispirited.

There were times along the way while finishing her book that I needed those precious confirmations.  It was so dear that God used the written words of my grandmother to comfort my soul and walk along beside me through her journals.

So if you are anxious about the journey for which you have been called, 'Go down'...to your knees and you will hear what He has to say and afterward your heart will be strengthened.

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