God Speaks


God communicates with us in many ways though we may not always perceive the words He is speaking.

Read: Job 31:1-33:33

Have you ever prayed about something and it felt like God wasn’t listening? When you read your Bible, do you ever feel like God isn’t speaking to you through it? I could spend the whole afternoon listing times I was sure my prayers and Bible reading were in vain because I couldn’t hear or see God speaking or answering.

Even when it feels like nothing is happening, like our prayers are being ignored and the Bible must be for other people who understand it better, God is listening and working. The Bible says that “God does speak—now one way, now another—though man may not perceive it.” God communicates with us in many ways. Though we may not perceive the words God is speaking, they are coming.

God put into place the plans of our lives. When we can’t see the way every little answered or “unanswered” prayer fits in, He knows every detail. Don’t feel frustrated when it seems like you can’t hear from God or He isn’t listening. Instead, take a few minutes to reflect on the trying situations where you felt like you couldn’t hear God, but realized later exactly what God was doing. The best predictor of God’s future faithfulness is His past provision. Remember that our God does speak, and He never abandons us.

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