God’s Art


The Father, Son, and Spirit “have always been there for each other.” And we were created to be there for each other, too.

1 Corinthians 12:26

By getting to know the works of a writer, an artist, a sculptor, a musician, we come to recognize characteristics and attributes of the creator in his or her creation. For instance, in today’s literary world, mention the name of attorney John Grisham and one thinks immediately of dramatic stories of mystery and intrigue set in the world of lawyers and their clients. Military buff Tom Clancy’s name brings to mind high-tech military and espionage thrillers. And the urbane Tom Wolfe gives us worldly novels that expose the sophistication and see-through values of modern society.

The link between creator and creation is obvious in many ways when we look at God and his human creation. Since we are made in his image (Gen. 1:26-27), it is not surprising that we would see his fingerprints in who we are. We love because he loves. We are creative because he is creative. We have feelings because he has feelings. And just as we share in what he is, we also were created not to share in what he is not. And if God is not anything, he is not lonely. God enjoys, and has forever enjoyed, fellowship within his own divine being. Even if God had never intended to enjoy fellowship with us (which he did, right from the start; Gen. 3:8), he would enjoyed fellowship within himself: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

In John 17, we witness the most intimate of conversations between the Father and the Son. The Father was in heaven, the Son on the earth, yet they were in perfect accord and unity. They discuss their relationship at that time (17:1), before the world began (17:5, 24), and their oneness and unity (17:10-11, 21-23). To use the language of today’s young people, the Father, Son, and Spirit “have always been there for each other.” And we were created to be there for each other, too.

Christians are a body, each member being a part. We weep together, we rejoice together, we suffer together, we honor together. We are a unity of millions, which reflects the fact that we were created by a God who is a unity of three. God is not lonely; neither did he create us to be.

God’s Promise to You: “Because I have never been lonely, loneliness is not my will for you.”

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