Giant Fear


We all face giants—the fears in life that threaten us and seem bigger than we can handle—but we must invite Jesus to step in and save us.

I’m not ashamed to admit it. I’m afraid of facing the giant problems that seem to always hang out in my life: finances, health, my kids, my work, retirement (you fill in your blank)!

These are, after all, huge and massive things, that are far bigger and stronger than I am. Each one seems to bulge with muscles and bones big enough to crush me in a single swipe, unaffected by my pitiful resistance to their presence. The biggest of these GIANT issues in my life, and most of our lives, is the same core or root issue… FEAR!

So as a Christian, a parent and a pastor, I / we all have to face our fears if we can ever hope to live beyond being a hostage to those fears, restless with sleepless nights and repeated doses of Pepto-Bismol.

Some of my hugest problems don’t scare me, others do. The ones that scare me probably don’t scare you! Nevertheless, you get the point. We can’t run from all our giants, we have to face them.

The Bible talks about giants: Caleb and the sons of Anak, in Hebron; David and Goliath of Philistia; and so on. They were reputed to be more than fable or myth, but literal giants of significant size and super-human strength. Guys you didn’t mess with casually; so much so that all but a handful of men in the Old Testament fled their presence at all cost (10 of the 12 Hebrew spies bailed on entering their promise land of Canaan because of these same giants, and an entire Israelite army under King Saul wouldn’t dare to fight a single giant who challenged them to place their trust and strength in God).

So, that’s interesting history (yawn)… But how do WE kill the giants in our life, specifically the biggest and baddest ones of all like ANXIETY or FEAR?

Fear is awful. It grabs us and squeezes the air out of lives. Handling something as overwhelming as fear all alone is a huge mistake (pun intended)! However, I do believe we can overcome such massive giants simply by making regular time in our schedules to spend with God. Taking time to invest in reading from the sacred scriptures, meditating on His character and in asking for help from Him in regular prayer. Combine devotion to your Maker with taking the risk to be involved in a local church family, and I believe you will have every giant you engage on the run.

In the shadow of the Bible and the whole of eternity, FEAR the larger, fades into fear the lessor; and then into history as you allow the presence of God (the Holy Spirit) to overshadow your mind and heart and re-center your thoughts around Jesus and the power unleashed at Calvary. That power is ours to tap. YES, it is. Not a theory, not a wishful naiveté, but a legit resource to use in every moment of our lives. That truth of resurrection combined with scripture promises, makes for the most potent weapon we have to kill giants.

For God did not give us a spirit of timidity (of cowardice, of craven and cringing and fawning fear), but [He has given us a spirit] of power and of love and of calm and well-balanced mind and discipline and self-control.

(2 Timothy 1:7 Amplified Bible)

No other person on the earth knows what our fears feel like but Jesus. No other person on earth has successfully and fully defeated the giant of fear altogether but Jesus. Others have grown to be legendary figures of faith, guys like Abraham, Moses, the Apostle Paul and the prophet Isaiah, but they all did so exactly the same way: by keeping their perspectives on their God and not the freakishly huge problems that loomed right in front of them, just like they do for us.

Superhero’s don’t exist… Jesus, the Lion of the tribe of Judah does, and He alone has conquered Fear, Death and the effects of Shame and Guilt. It’s time to stop fighting giants all by yourself.

Invite Him (Jesus) to step fully into your heart and mind and save you from the GIANT that’s paralyzing your life. Go ahead, take the chance, trust him with your _________ (fill in the blank) fear. 

Then watch in amazement as your courage becomes conviction as you walk behind the one who has real answers to life’s overwhelming fears… JESUS!

As parents, we know our kids are really watching us and how we handle our fears is a significant example we can set for them. Good or Bad.

Lord give us the courage to TRUST you and the strength to FOLLOW you, amen.

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