Getting the Full Picture of God’s Grace


Perspective matters in our walk with Christ.

“If you do not raise your eyes, you will think you are the highest point.” - Antonio Porchia.

I was taking a walk with my daughter at a camp some years ago—through the woods, down into the river, and up the cliffs—great father-daughter moments. But as we were heading back towards the camp, we came to a fork in the trail with a sign pointing in different directions. One was the “easy” way back to camp. The other pointed to “Classmen Falls.” By the looks of the trail, it was clearly the “road less traveled.” We took it.

We were pushing brush away when all a sudden I could hear the falls in the distance, and then it hit me; we were not headed for the lake at the bottom of the falls (as we had the day before). We were headed for the top of the falls.  What a spectacular view it was from up there—completely different from down on the bottom. We looked down into the crystal clear water. We could see large fish swimming in the blue water. We could see people wading and wandering. We could take in the expanse of the cliffs all around. Everything looked different in the camp below… in fact, I would never see that camp quite the same again.

Perspective matters. From up top, we got the “full picture” and it made all the difference in the experience.

Same goes for our walk with Christ.

In order to get the full picture of God’s grace and what it means to be “in Christ,” we need to get above and take a look down from God’s perspective, from the top of the waterfall. 

Jesus, take me on the path less traveled! Give me the full picture and the full story of what it means to be in You. Lord, I know that my perspective is limited and narrow. Broaden that perspective so that I might have a deeper understanding and appreciation for who I am, who You are, and the unity that we have in You. Amen.

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