Forsaking All Others


The very act of marrying means you forsake all others to take your spouse. And that's exactly what you do when you believe in Jesus Christ!

Mark 9:2-13


When that young girl at camp asked me, “How do we decide what is worldly and what is spiritual?”, she was sitting with a young man. I believe they had just been married a year. I asked her, “How does a young bride decide how much flirtation and necking she should do with other men after she’s married?”

There was dead silence for a moment, for the very act of marrying a man means forsaking all others to take him. That’s what you do when you believe in Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ will not have you saying, “Yes, Lord, I love You and I accept Your purchase of me with the price of Your blood, so sometime when I bum the candle down and it’s near the bottom, I’ll blow the rest of the smoke in Your face, and You can have what’s left over.” A lot of Christians have lived that way, but the call of Christ is to something far different. As Christ did not come to earth to do His will but to serve the Father, we are called to deny ourselves and find our fulfillment, our purpose, in taking up our cross and following Christ. If we lose our life, we shall find it.

That was the message of the transfigured Jesus. His death would lead to resurrection, His humiliation to glorification. He bids us to follow in His steps, and as we do, we too shall be transfigured—transformed into the image of Christ. May we have our eyes opened by the Holy Spirit to see our earthly calling from a heavenly perspective. And may we settle for nothing less!


  • What must we forsake in order to follow Jesus?
  • What is the cost of forsaking all other “gods” for the sake of Christ?
  • What is the cost of following Christ?
  • What is the cost of forsaking Christ? Why is that such a great cost?


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