For God's Glory


For USA Olympic athlete Cyrus Hostetler, knowing that what he is doing is for God gives him the strength to continue.

My faith has definitely got me through a lot of adversity on the field throwing. I have had a few different injuries on my knee, and that’s a big time for a lot of athletes to doubt their faith, wonder what’s going on and question God. I took the opposite road of that, saying, “God is using this and will make me stronger. God’s going to get me through this.” Instead of straying away from Him I tended to lean more on Him. I definitely knew he could get me through it and make me a better person.

I really believe in casting my fears and doubts onto God and letting Him deal with that, which takes all the pressure off of me. If I have an injury, I know He’s going to take care of me, push me past that and make me a stronger person. It’s the same thing with track meets. I know coming into it that whether I do good or bad, He’s going to support me, so it’s a huge thing for me to take that off my chest and onto His.

I was raised by Christian parents and went to church every Sunday. My family was very involved, and I felt like I walked the steps of a Christian when I was younger. It wasn’t until college that I really felt my life change; during those years when you step away from your parents, your foundation, your home and what has been told to you all your life. I started to realize how much I really needed God. That’s when I started leaning on Him and when things started to change in my life. I got involved with a few programs in college that helped me grow and deal with everyday situations in life: with patience, with problems, with school, with athletics. It helped me grow into the man I am today and a better person.

I can see now, coming back from my injuries, that there was really no other way for God to teach me some of the things that He did and grow me into the person I am today, without me having some of the problems that I did. I am really fortunate for the problems I’ve had and fortunate that God has gotten me through it.

I want to show people I’m not here for me; I’m here to give glory to God, because He’s the one that gives me the talent and the opportunity to be here. As long as I’m being fruitful for Him and giving this to Him, whether in success or failure, it’s always going to be a success for Him. I know what I am doing is not for me but for Him, and that gives me the strength to keep on doing it, pursuing it and to know I’m going to be successful in it.

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