Filling Up the Train to Heaven


God wants you to see yourself like he sees you: lovable, valuable, and useful to him and to others.

Bible Reading: 2 Peter 3:9-16 

[The Lord] does not want anyone to perish, so he is giving more time for everyone to repent—Peter 3:9.

”I.m really not interested in hearing how special God thinks I am,” Megan pro­tested. “People who focus on themselves end up totally selfish. I can’t see how think­ing about me helps me glorify God and show the world how great he is.”

God wants you to see yourself like he sees you: lovable, valuable, and useful to him and to others. But why? Is it just to make you feel warm and fuzzy? Could he possibly want to feed your selfish side? No and no. God wants you totally convinced that you are loved and valuable because he has a far deeper purpose for fixing your faulty self-image—but it’s because he has work for you to do.

You might not realize this incredible fact about yourself: You are God’s gift to the world. If that wasn’t true, you’d just be taking up space. God could have zoomed you straight to heaven the moment you trusted Christ. The fact that he chooses to have you hang around on earth even after you belong to him proves that you have a distinct purpose for being here.

So what’s your purpose in life? I like how one young guy answered that ques­tion. “My purpose in life,” he said confidently, “is to go to heaven and take as many people with me as I can.” That guy knew that Christ had made him alive and set him free so he would be equipped to set others free.

I hope you have the same burning desire to be part of God’s plan of redemption. When you get the picture that God created everyone in his image and sent Christ to die for everyone, you want to share his love with them. And when you realize that you too are lovable, valuable, and competent, suddenly you give from a heart jammed with the love of Jesus.

You may say, “If the whole reason I’m here is to lead people to Jesus, then I’m a rotten failure. Hardly anyone—no one—has come to Christ from my telling them about him.” That might be true. But it’s also likely to be true that a bunch of people are on their way to trusting Christ because of who you are in Christ and how you love them.

If as a Christian you see yourself as God’s valued child, you are communicating something of the gospel to others. As you live out your faith—and learn to speak up for Christ when the opportunities arise—you will likely see even more people come to Christ.

REFLECT: Say it in your own words: How does knowing you are lovable, capable, and competent not make you a selfish person?

PRAY: Lord, I want my purpose in life to reflect your purpose of reaching out and telling the world of your love.

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