Fight the Enemy


King David understood that the Word of God enabled him to fight his enemies. We can use the Word to fight our Enemy, too.

Your commands are always with me and make me wiser than my enemies. Psalm 119:98, TNIV

Satan has always been very deceptive. In the Garden of Eden, he clothed lies with truths to make it easier for Eve to believe him. He is a persuasive manipulator. He whispers softly so that you hardly even realize he’s influencing you.

He also uses other people to do his work. Charismatic leaders can persuade you that everyone goes to heaven no matter what their religion is. A caring friend can tell you that premarital sex is okay if you love the other person. A family member can insist that it’s more loving to keep the truth from your spouse.

Or maybe you yourself have been used by Satan to do his work in other people’s lives.

When Jesus was tempted in the wilderness, He quoted Scripture at Satan. The Word was His sword in that fight. The Word can be our sword too, but that means we have to be familiar with it in order to use it. You wouldn’t expect to win a sword fight if you hadn’t been trained in sword-play, so you also have to train yourself in your understanding of God’s Word before you can use it to fight the devil.

Delve more deeply into the Bible. When you know what Scripture says, you’re more likely to hear alarm bells when someone is trying to deceive you about what’s right or wrong, and you’re better able to resist Satan when he tries to get you to influence someone else. The psalmist, King David, understood that the Word of God was what enabled him to fight his enemies. We can use the Word to fight our enemy too.

FAITH STEP: Do you read the Bible consistently? Commit to reading a chapter a day this week, or finishing a book of the Old Testament, even if you don’t entirely understand it. Take baby steps and slowly start to build upon your knowledge of the sword of the Word.

Contributed by Camy Tang

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