Fifteen Ways to Bless Your Marriage


Get ready. Get set. Go bless your spouse!

Marriage is difficult. I don’t think anyone out there would argue with that. It takes more than lovey-dovey eyes and butterflies in your stomach to get through the hard times. And, let’s face it, hard times will come.

It’s dangerously easy to get bogged down in utility bills, work responsibilities and dirty diapers. It’s tempting to fall into a place where you are more like roommates than husband and wife. Life becomes all about whose turn it is to take care of the crying baby. Before you know it, you forget about the way your heart used to skip a beat when he smiled at you or the way you missed him when he wasn’t around.

Let’s take back our marriages. Let’s put a little spark back into our relationships. Here are 15 ways you can bless your husband, most of which require nothing, but a little time.

Get ready. Get Set. Go bless your spouse!

15 Ways to Bless Your Man

  1. Leave his favorite candy bar in his car.
  2. Put a post-it (love) note on his mirror.
  3. Don’t roll your eyes when you pick his socks up off of the floor.
  4. Watch a ball game with him (Ask him which team he is rooting for).
  5. Flirt with him.
  6. Pray for him.
  7. Rub his back.
  8. Compliment his appearance.
  9. Thank him for being a good husband, dad, etc.
  10. Ask him about his day.
  11. Buy lingerie (Oh, come on. You knew I was going to go there).
  12. Make his favorite meal.
  13. Ask his advice.
  14. Actually take his advice.
  15. Do not huff and puff or act annoyed when he gives you the look (You know the one. See #11).

Written by Stacy Edwards



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