Fear or Faith?


Today, reject fear and worry in the name of Jesus. He truly understands, and He is always there to encourage you.

Recently I’ve been walking through something tough. So many questions have flooded my mind. Each day I have to choose (sometimes more than once a day) if I am going to live in fear or live in faith. And the choice should be so simple. However, the what-ifs and “how could this happen”s take over OFTEN, and before you know it I’m looking at a cup  half empty instead of half full. Suddenly I’ve become a pessimist instead of an optimist. That needs to stop.

Today I was blessed enough to have a “girl day” with my daughter. We got our nails done, went to lunch, went to the mall, rocked out to music, and so forth. Your typical mommy-daughter girl day stuff! At the end of the day we got in the car and I put on worship music. I began to worship—like REALLY worship—to the point of tears. Suddenly, I composed myself and looked back at my sweet 4-year-old daughter. She was sleeping soundly. She had gone right to sleep during the loud, exciting worship music. That’s God! God knew in that moment that I needed some one-on-one, pour-my-heart-out worship with Him. He is so good!

So I drove straight to my safe place, Gateway Church. I parked out front and I WORSHIPED!! It was powerful. But during this time the Holy Spirit revealed something to me. I said that I had been flip-flopping between fear and faith constantly the last few months and God had something serious to tell me about that. In the sweetest and softest way, the Holy Spirit told me that it isn’t possible to simultaneously have faith in God and also not trust Him. That’s like saying that I am obeying AND disobeying God. Partial obedience is still disobedience—and worse, it leaves an open door. So, the Holy Spirit gently asked me which path I was choosing.

I read the Bible daily and believe in The Lord with all my heart but still sometimes I actively choose to let fear take over. Maybe this is different for you. Possibly you see other people experience hardships and you start wondering if they could happen to you, too…and fear creeps in.  What you need to understand (and what I now understand) about this is when you choose fear or when you let fear win that puts whatever circumstance you are facing ABOVE your relationship with God. 

Satan is nasty. Don’t let him win the battle in your mind. Don’t leave an open door! When you focus on God instead of your circumstances I promise your thoughts will eventually change to be impressed by how BIG your God is instead of how big those circumstances were. (YES I said “were” on purpose! ) 2 Timothy 1:7 says, “God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and sound mind.

I love that Jesus is so relatable. He’s pretty much faced every kind of trial there is. He understands disappointment. He understands suffering, pain, fear, and doubt. HE GETS IT! Who better to bring it to than Him? He is always there for us to encourage us. He wants us to understand that He IS sufficient for all of our needs. TODAY I am accepting this as an ABSOLUTE truth in my life. I reject fear and worry in Jesus’ mighty name! What about you?

Written by Whitney Wells

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