Family Night Ideas: Things Dedication


How do you deal with materialism in your family? This "family night" project from Great Commandment will help everyone stay focused on what truly matters.

Most families face the pressure of materialism, but the holiday season seems to bring this challenge to the forefront for all of us. Teenagers often insist on just the right clothing labels. Kids can throw temper tantrums because they want the latest toys. There are even times when adults can yield to the pressure of having the latest and greatest gadgets.

In Genesis chapter 2, Adam possessed everything. He had it all, and yet God said, “It is not good.”  Materialism is deceptive.  We often mistakenly think that the things we buy will make us happy. How do you deal with materialism in your family?  During your next family night, try this project:

  • Over dinner, discuss the materialistic pressures that each family member faces. Do you ever feel pressure or left out if you don’t have the latest _______?
  • Discuss Adam’s dilemma in Genesis 2.  What was “not good,” even though Adam had it all?  Then discuss the relationships that God has created to minister to our aloneness: Marriage, family, friendships and the church. These are the relationships God has provided so that we feel loved, cared for and connected.
  • Discuss the idea that people are more important than possessions; relationships are more important than things. Talk about examples or look for videos for illustrations.
  • Next, ask each family member to bring two of their favorite possessions to the family meeting. Their possessions might include: a favorite toy, stuffed animal, or game; a teenager’s phone or car keys; mom’s favorite necklace, antique, or purse; dad’s favorite gun, golf club, or computer. 
  • When you’re back together, read 2 Peter 3:10-12 and discuss the truth that unfortunately all our favorite things will someday be destroyed. Only a few things will last forever: God, His Word and people.  Reemphasize the eternal aspect of relationships as you consider the probing question, “In our family, how could we do a better job of showing that God and people are the priority – not our stuff?”  Close with prayer.
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