In this excerpt from God's Blogs, find out what God might say if He wrote a blog about faith.

I was back in the hospitals around the world today. Watching. People have faith in their doctors. They have faith in their anesthesiologists. They have faith in the teams of people working together who have done surgeries for years. But then I see their thoughts just before they go into surgery. So many of them start to wonder. Start to worry...

Will the anesthesia work?

Will I actually fall asleep before they start to cut?

Will I be able to communicate to them if I’m not out yet?

What if the doctor slips?

I know they have extra blood in case I lose some but what if it is the wrong type?

I know the rules and I know they triple check the blood type and there are plenty of checks and balances…but…what if?


It gets wiped away

You have knowledge that seems to give you faith but there is something spooky inside of you that washes all your faith away in times when you seem to really need it. Your faith in Me seems strong.Then all of a sudden you may find yourself being tempted to cheat or lie, to commit adultery, or to make some extra money in a not-so-honest way.Your emotions and imagination begin to take over and they over-ride your “faith” as they do in the operating room.

So then what is faith… especially if it leaves when it’s supposed to get cranked up?

It is more than knowledge of me…more than knowledge of my existence and my omnipotence

It has to do with relationship. It must be nurtured and grown.

Sometimes you have to go through the worst of life where you almost lose your faith in order for it to become real faith. I understand when your faith wanes. After all, it was Me who built into you imagination and emotion. I know you struggle because you think I’M invisible and you can’t reach out and touch Me.



You aren’t having to work on this thing alone. I’M working in you.

I’M your Father.

Your Daddy.

Most kids who are scared at night lose all their fear when their daddy comes into the room. They’ve known him long enough and seen his love for them for a while, and they know and “feel” that there is nothing to be afraid of.

You may know about Me, but your faith is going to grow as we spend time together and you know you can trust Me.

As your faith grows, sometimes you’ll start to wonder and ask all those scary questions. And that’s okay for a while, but you should know the whole time one important thing…

Daddy’s in the room.

Excerpt from God's Blogs

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