Eyes to See


Why do some people see things that others cannot see?

Luke 2:25-32

The comics section of Sunday newspapers is a source of delight—and frustration—for children of all ages. Many papers carry the popular colored panels made up of seemingly unrecognizable shapes and designs which, when focused upon in exactly the right way, reveal clever three-dimensional images for the viewer. There is a skill to getting the images in focus: Hold the image in front of your nose, look “through” the image and focus on a point beyond the paper, then move the image slowly away from your face. Many people have the images pop into view immediately; others haven’t seen their first one. Some squeal with delight at the clever 3-D images; others squeal in mock anger at being defeated by the wiggly lines.

Why do some people see things that others cannot see? When it comes to 3-D images in the Sunday comics, it’s simply a matter of practice; no spiritual acumen is needed. But that is not true in the kingdom of God. God’s truths are seen by those who have eyes to see (Matthew 13:13-15) and those who want to know (John 7:17). Though there are obstacles (2 Corinthians 4:4), God can overcome them and give sight to those who are looking.

Though God has come into the world in the person of Jesus Christ, not everyone has seen him. One man recognized him at the most unlikely juncture imaginable—when Jesus was an infant and the man was near the end of his life. How could an elderly Israelite man, who had been waiting to see the Messiah all his life, recognize Jesus as the Messiah when he was only forty days old? The infant Jesus likely looked no different than other Jewish baby boys, so what prompted Simeon to say, “My eyes have seen your salvation”? The same thing, the only thing, that will prompt you to voice the same words—a heart that is looking to behold him.

Have you seen Jesus Christ with the eyes of your heart and mind? If so, keep them fixed on him, the author and perfecter of your faith (Hebrews 12:2).

God’s Promise to You: “If you have seen my Son by faith, you have also seen me.”

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