Everyone’s Plate Is a Different Size


Each of us fills a unique role in God's Kingdom; therefore, we don't have to try to live someone else's life!

Recently, while on a long hike, I listened to a series of sermons on living a balanced lifestyle. During this audio marathon, I scrolled through a list of articles on my phone by the same topic and came across a quote from a pastor which said, “Everyone’s plate is a different size.”

This simple thought was intriguing and liberating. Here’s why...

Uniquely Designed

Because everyone’s plate is a different size, God hasn’t put on my plate what He has put on yours. So, you may be able to carry a load I can’t. Or, I may be able to master a particular task you are unable to, because it’s not how you have been created.

Because my plate is a particular size, it means I have been uniquely designed to carry out a particular mission. Therefore, I do not beat myself up that I am not doing what you are doing. I know I uniquely fill a particular role in God’s Kingdom.

How wonderful that we can all be exactly who God has created us to be! Therefore, we never have to fret and try to live someone else’s life.

Celebrating You, Celebrating Me

The minute I agree that God has, in His sovereignty, placed on my plate what He hasn’t placed on yours, is the minute I can celebrate your accomplishments–and I can be content with mine. The word “comparison” is no longer in my vocabulary. I do not criticize you for doing too much or not enough.  And I am not jealous or wish I could do what you are doing. Instead, I rejoice in what you accomplish. And, I am equally grateful for what God is doing through me for His glory (Thessalonians 1:12).

I see myself in the context of a greater whole with each one of God’s children uniquely serving Him with their gifts and talents. I agree with 1 Peter 4:10 which says, ”. . . each has received a gift. . . as good stewards of God’s varied grace.”

Empowered by God

When I realize that what is on my plate has been placed there by my Creator, I also know He will empower me to do what He has called me to (Philippians 4:13). For this reason, I can always be successful. I must remember that He will not empower me to do what someone else is doing if that is not my assignment.

All these things are why it’s important to ask God what we should be doing and not compare ourselves to what others are doing.

Everyone’s plate is a different size.


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