Even Greater Things


The things that truly matter in life -- the wisdom that changes hearts and draws people to the LORD -- are not accomplished in man’s strength. God alone can draw people to Himself.

“I am the vine, you are the branches. If a man remains in me and I in him, he will bear much fruit; apart from me, you can do nothing.”  John 15:5

Oh, my!  How those words are striking a chord in my heart right now!  Obviously, we can still accomplish the mundane motions of life whether we are abiding in Christ or not.  What this verse is speaking of is accomplishing things of eternal value.  Very little of what is done in this life will affect eternity or the souls that will be there. 

The things that truly matter -- the wisdom that changes hearts and draws people to the LORD -- are not accomplished in man’s strength.  God alone can draw people to Himself.  It is the Holy Spirit that can separate bone from marrow and discern the intention of the heart.  We are merely vessels in His hands.  Once we have been filled with the love of God, hopefully that love will begin to overflow on the people around us. 

But, just as a grapevine will not produce fruit unless it remains “tapped into” the main root system –we also cannot produce life within a fellow human being.  None of us are able to pull ourselves out of the muck and the mire of sin.  We are trapped under the weight of it.  Apart from the saving grace of God… we are all doomed to destruction.

But – how does one remain in Christ?  First of all, you must spend time in God’s word.  THERE IS NO SUBSTITUTE.  The Bible tells us times that man was inspired by God and carried along by the Holy Spirit.  As a result, the Bible was penned by over 40 different authors.

Next – prayer.  The number one overlooked spiritual discipline is prayer.  It’s such a personal experience… and can take on many different appearances… but – it is essential to a life spent in the vine. 

Third… using a water analogy – water must be flowing in and flowing out to maintain a healthy existence.  Being stagnant is not an option.  And, just as standing water only takes a  week or so to become disgusting – it doesn’t require much more time to slip into complacency in our spiritual walks.

And – last, but not least – find an accountability partner.  Surround yourselves with people who are like-minded.  Those who are spending as much time soaking in Jesus as you are, and who are able to see when you are failing in your own walk.  Those who can call you out… and hold you up. 

We were not meant to walk this road alone.  I thank the LORD for the people He used to call me unto Himself.  Will you allow Him to accomplish even greater things through you?  You MUST remain in Him for this to happen. 

Prayer: “Lord, You created the universe and set the stars in place, and yet you care for each and every one of us!  Even me - the worst of all sinners!  I truly cannot grasp your grace and your unfailing love.  Thank you for not giving up on us – even when we stray from abiding in your truth.  Again and again, you are training us… calling us to a deeper walk with You.  May we rise to the challenge; and pour our lives out as living sacrifices.  Nothing else will matter in the light of eternity.  NOTHING.  Help us to keep that at the forefront of our minds, and never let it go.

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