Encouragement for Young Dreamers


It’s not enough to be “famous” or “known.” The real question is, what do you stand for?

It’s so easy to get “famous” in this generation. A lot of celebrities are famous simply for being known. They may be famous, but what do they stand for? We live in a generation where you don’t have to make a significant contribution to society to become famous. You can post a silly Vine. You can act scandalous. You can take drugs or live without purpose. Whatever the case, this culture will put you on a pedestal if you’re known by a lot of people. You don’t have to live a life with godly morals or character. All you have to do is be known and this culture will praise you and give you attention. Well, I want to make a few counter-culture statements to encourage and challenge young dreamers to live the godly way. 

Please don’t become known simply for being known. Add something of value to the world. Enrich the world with the gifts and abilities God has given you. When you reach the end of your life, the trophies will rust, the accolades will fade, and all that will remain is the God you serve and the people you love. Make your family proud! You could be a world-changer in your family. You could leave an amazing legacy by discovering or inventing a revolutionary product. You could be one of the first in your family to graduate from high school or college.

I’ve never looked at someone who is famous and thought they were successful because they were known by a lot of people.  Personally, I will give God praise and I will affirm the person who is successful because of a God-honoring gift. Success means leaving your mark on this world through the marks on your heart. The pain you go through, your wounds, and the marks on your heart, represent your potential to leave a mark on this world.

It’s not enough to be “famous” or “known.” The real question is, what do you stand for? Are you proud of yourself when you lay down at night? Can you be confident in the person you are becoming? Do you believe in yourself? Whose life is brighter because you were a part of it? Ask yourself meaningful questions about life and God’s purpose for you.

It is time to stop praising people for whom praise is not due. Countless celebrities lose their identities and take their own lives because they were never happy. Don’t let the media persuade you to sell your identity for a carbon copy of superficial happiness. American culture will send you signs that your worth is equivalent to your appearance, clothing style, or how many Instagram followers you have. Although it’s not a bad thing to have fashion sense, an Instagram account (I have one), or create a silly Vine, you must know where you get your true identity. As sons and daughters of Christ, you come from the royal bloodline of the Kings of all Kings!  You are loved. You are special. You are who God says you are in His Word. So, be known for using your gifts and talents for His glory. Be known for leading the lost to Christ, serving in your local community, or giving to the poor.

I want you to live the best, most enjoyable life possible. I want you to not only win an award, but also to have the character and morals from the Word of God that makes you proud of who you are. I want you to make a tangible difference on the people closest to you. Brothers and sisters, identity theft is a barrier to your wholeness. When I say identity theft, don’t stop to check your wallet. It’s time to check your soul. It’s time you become known for more than simply being known.

Here are a few tips for young dreamers:

  • Pray to God and ask Him what your gifts and talents might be.  Ask God to help you discover what they are.
  • Write down a few of your favorite things to do. Write down what you want to accomplish in your life.
  • Pray over your list. Surrender your list to God and ask God to do something amazing with your ideas.
  • Start pursuing one of the gifts or talents you’re passionate about.

(Note: This might take you a few tries before you find the talent that is in God’s will and works for you. Be patient. It could take a few weeks, a few months, or a few years. Don’t give up.)

  • Stay connected to God. Just like you would spend time with a friend, set aside time to spend with God every week. You can read your bible, pray, go outside, or listen to worship music. Worship God in the way that best ministers to your heart, spirit, and mind.
  • Don’t sell your morals and values away for more “likes” online, popularity, or fame. Stay true to who you are and the way God designed you. God loves you. God made you beautiful, capable, hard-working, and creative. God wants you to be successful. Don’t waste your gifts on things that don’t matter. When you fail to have morals or standards, you lose the enjoyment of your dream and you go down a dangerous road that leads to heartache.
  • Simply put, acknowledge God in all your ways and He will direct your paths. Make God the center of your life and everything that is a part of it. Put God above your plans because He loves you. God is the giver of gifts. God is the giver of talents. God is the giver of dreams. If you’re disconnected from the gift-giver, you will miss out on the full power and purpose of your dream. So, in a world where you are so “connected” via social media and beyond, make sure you are connected to God, and make Him known in everything you do, for He deserves all the glory!


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