Dumb Things to Spend Money on for Your Wedding


Kendall Jackson suggest three things you can cut to save money on your wedding.

By the time you read this, my wedding will officially be less than 100 days away.

When you get engaged, or if you have just gotten engaged, everyone tells you, “it’ll be here in the blink of an eye” and “the time will fly by”.

HOLY MOLY I didn’t believe anyone at first but now, I get it.  Time flies.  And so do dollars, right out of your bank account.

If I had to grade Kevin and myself on saving money, sticking to our budget, and making good decisions on what to spend money on, I’d give us a B+.  Since Kevin and I have similar opinions on what we want our wedding to be focused on, the planning has been easier for us (except for the ice sculpture request, sorry hunnie, still a no!)

With that said, I can totally understand how easy it is for couples to disagree on wedding wants, especially with the plethora of options and add-ons in the wedding industry these days.  Since I know you are all interested, I’ll confess to you three things you won’t be seeing at our wedding come May.

1.     FAVORS.

Quick, think of the favors at the last wedding you attended.  Took you awhile huh?  While I love the added touch and thoughtfulness of couples who choose to do this, I’m telling you all, treating us to dinner is more than enough!  We already feel special that we get to share one of your biggest life milestones with you, and I promise, I’ll still feel that you as a couple are “mint for each other” without the mints.


I like cocktails, don’t get me wrong! But I also like fountain coke, champagne, lemon water, beer, and wine.  I’ve been to many weddings (35 and counting) and couldn’t tell you which ones hosted cocktails and which did not.  Not hosting cocktails for us was an easy way to stay under budget, and hopefully, this won’t deter guests from helping us celebrate!


In the last year of being engaged, I have probably racked up a couple dozen wedding magazines (I promise, they were all free).  Pages and pages are dedicated to wedding gowns, invitations, and table décor ideas.  Most of these ideas, when implemented into your wedding day, can add a few thousand dollars to the budget, and that’s on the low end.  I’m a big believer in less is more, and for Kevin and me, classic is the way to go on our big day.  This is not only saving us money, but saving us from having a heart attack when we look at our wedding photos 20 years down the line.

I’m interested in hearing from you!  What did you decide to cut on to save money on your wedding?  Anything you think is a must-have for couples these days?

Written by Kendall Jackson

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