Don’t Stop Dating


Feeling too busy to date your spouse? It's important to make the time.

The greatest threat to our marriages and families today is not financial problems, or infidelity, or the state of the Union. The greatest threat is busyness. We are doing so much there is no margin to cultivate relationships.

We live in a culture of busyness. From the moment we wake up and check our phones to long work days, school, activities, etc.... we barely have time to just be with each other. I mean, think about it. When was the last time you and your spouse went out alone and did something you’d do when you were dating?

When we’re dating, we go out of our way to come up with fun, creative dates. Men, we bring flowers and gifts all the time. We shower her with love notes and compliments. Ladies, you wear new outfits and spend ridiculous amounts of time getting ready. You dote on how handsome your man is, always wanting to hold his hand. We can’t wait to spend every moment we can together.

Then come the wedding bells. Ladies, you spend hours planning and stressing over every detail to ensure you have your perfect day. Guys, you are nervous and impatient to see your brides walk down that aisle—and you can’t wait to get to the honeymoon. It’s a magical time in your lives.

Then come the pitter patter of little feet. Ladies, you become engrossed in being the best mothers you can be. You research, plan, organize, and obsess to ensure your kids get the best you can offer. And men, your lives are changed forever. Big tough dudes melt into mush at the sight of their daughters and puff up with pride when they hold their sons. Another magical time in your lives.

But with all these wonderful things happening, the simple act of having “alone time” with your spouse becomes a lesser priority. And the thought of going on a fun, creative date seems impossible. But it isn’t impossible—and it is SO important. You have to take some time for yourselves to keep strengthening your relationship. Believe me, kids can tell! When they see you taking that time with each other, you are instilling in their hearts how much you love each other and also how to have a great relationship themselves one day.

So here’s your challenge—make a date time this week. For Lori and I it will be Friday morning into the afternoon since Friday night is Family Movie Night. But lock something in, make it a priority and have fun!


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