Doing Life with Jesus


Jesus desires to live in your life – every dusty corner of it.

Imagine a scenario. I stop by your house one day when you’re not expecting me. You’re not expecting anyone, in fact, and it shows. It’s one of those days when things have been a little haywire, but thankfully, your front room is fairly clean. I might notice the dust on the mantle, but little else is out of shape.

As we chat just inside the door, I begin to make my way further into your home. In the living room I find toys spread all around the floor and a few cups left on end tables. I keep going into the kitchen where last night’s dishes are piled in the sink. Onward we go through the bedrooms where covers are piled at the foot of the beds, closets are openly bearing the evidence of a dissatisfying wardrobe. And then… I head into the bathroom. Not the guest bathroom where things are always a little tidier. I’m heading for the master bath – where make-up powder, hair products, and other evidences of war are remnant.

Mortified yet? Maybe not. Maybe you’re a neat freak and you’re in the small crust of people who clean their homes daily, or maybe you’re in the other group – the people who just don’t care. But most likely, you’re a little bothered that I would invade the privacy of your home life and infiltrate all the way to the rooms that no one else ever sees.

Listen to what Jesus said about His desire to do life with you…

“Live in me. Make your home in me just as I do in you. In the same way that a branch can’t bear grapes by itself but only by being joined to the vine, you can’t bear fruit unless you are joined with me."

- John 15:4 (MSG)

Jesus desires to live in your life – every dusty corner of it. If you welcome Him, He’s going to see all the unmentionables that you alone are aware of. You should realize that He isn’t ignorant of any of these things anyway. After all, He’s the all-knowing, all-seeing Creator of the universe. So nothing surprises Him, but there is an obvious level of discomfort in us at the thought of openly revealing our innermost thoughts and feelings to anyone, especially God.

On the other hand, Jesus made it clear that this is the call to discipleship. Intimacy is to fully know and to fully be known. And the only way to bear the fruit you’ve been dreaming of is to welcome Him into the inner sanctums of your soul. Don’t worry. He’s going to help clean up the areas of your life you’ve been meaning to get to – the ones you can never seem to handle on your own.

Are you ready? He waits at the door to be welcomed but never intrudes. He waits for your invitation
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