Does God Want You to Achieve Success?


The dim light of an average life is something we inflict upon ourselves.

Many people of faith wonder if it’s wrong to pursue wealth or certain types of worldly success. Some even feel guilty for wanting what others don’t have. What about you? Do you think God wants you to succeed? Really dig deep and answer this question.

Here is my answer in the form of another question: Do you want your children to be mediocre?

Of course not! You want your kids to succeed! In particular, you want your children to have a personal relationship with Jesus, marry the right person, and follow their purpose in life with excellence. That is a pretty good start, isn’t it? Truett Cathy, founder of Chick-fil-A, refers to those big three parenting priorities as Master, Mate, and Mission. If we, as parents, lead our kids to spiritual truth, equip them to select the right marriage partner, and encourage them to pursue and live their dream, then we’ve certainly used our time wisely. In short, you want your children to become everything they were created to become. And that is exactly what God wants for us as well.

What kind of parent encourages their child to strive for mediocrity? Do you hope your son or daughter grows up and gets an average job, tolerates an average marriage, and then raises average kids who perpetuate that same cycle for the next generation? I don’t believe God makes “average.” The dim light of an average life is something we inflict on ourselves. Sometimes we can make things difficult that should not be difficult. We can turn the simple into the complex and confuse not only ourselves, but the people around us as well.

Make no mistake: your Heavenly Father wants you to succeed.

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