Develop a Habit of Praying with Your Children


Praying with kids in definitely not a sprint, but a slow marathon. Step by step, it’s up to us to show them how much how God loves and wants to be in relationship with them.

When children are little, it’s easier to pray out loud with them.

God bless Mommy. God bless Daddy. God bless Sissy. …

The benefits of actually hearing your mother pray for you out loud are worth it.

We have to enter their worlds and show them what prayer sounds like, how God hears us and when to look for answers. We can model thankfulness and worship all within a few sentences. The familiarity of words become comforting and peaceful.

God never intended communication with Him, our Creator, to be difficult. He yearns for communion with us.

And let’s not forget how He feels about children. In the Bible, He even likened approaching the Kingdom of God as one to help us to understand the simplicity of love and faith.

What would get in the way of sharing this gift of prayer with our children?

{Kathy} For me, it can get a little difficult when bedtime is crazy to slow down and pray over my kids. Since all of my kids are old enough to put themselves to bed, my husband and I try to make sure there is a “kiss goodnight” time.

Sometimes then, we’ll hold them long enough to say a few words over them to Jesus. Occasionally, they’ll linger and we can get a couple more out loud requests and thanksgivings in with them.

{Melinda} I began praying with my children when they were so little they could only clasp their chubby little hands together and enthusiastically say “Amen!” We would pray on the way to school and at bedtime each night. As they grew up, we would stop and pray regularly throughout the day for different needs and concerns.

Now they’re 14 and 17. Molly drives. They both don’t really want “Mommy tuck-ins” anymore. Sigh.

So, while I pray for them daily, praying with them has become less routine. We often talk about people who need prayer. My kids often ask me to pray for a test, a tryout, a difficulty they’re having with a friend.

But as teens, their prayer life is becoming their own — as it should be. Praying with them has become more “on the fly” and “as needed,” rather than always at a certain time each day.

The key has been to still make it a consistent part of everyday life in our household. They know that prayer is the “go-to” response when we’re scared, anxious or upset. They understand that we can also talk to God about anything, anytime. That He cares about every single aspect of our lives.

We want to encourage you no matter how much — or little — you’re praying with your kids. Maybe you’re not praying with your kids at all. It’s okay. It’s never too late to start a new habit.

Take it slow. Make it deliberate and God will honor your efforts. Praying with kids in definitely not a sprint, but a slow marathon. Step by step, it’s up to us to show them how much how God loves and wants to be in relationship with them.

What prevents us from praying out loud with them in places other than the dinner table?

How can we bring back or start anew this rich tradition that will enable our children to see and hear bold faith?


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