Delivered from Darkness


You have already been rescued. But better than just making an escape, Christ redeems your life! Your fairy-tale ending waits!

Who hath delivered us from the power of darkness, and hath translated us into the kingdom of his dear Son: In whom we have redemption through his blood, even the forgiveness of sin. (Colossians 1:13-14 ESV)

As a mother of two girls, I have read my share of princess books and fairytales. Together we’ve logged hours of movies featuring women being rescued – at the very last hour – usually by a handsome brave prince (and the odd ogre). Sigh. Oh the romance of deliverance!

But, in reality . . . so many of us never had a courageous knight ride in. In fact, in our most desperate hour, when we needed to be rescued, we were woefully alone. Darkness shrouded our tiny little girl kingdom, robbing us of our innocence and any hope of deliverance.

The silent secret.

Oh the power that it holds when left in the darkness. But wait? What’s that I hear? Is it the sound of pounding hooves?

Yes, dear friend. He comes! He’s come for you! To swoop you out of the darkness and to redeem your life!

Can you imagine with me? Can you feel the swoosh and the power of his white stallion as He rides so close, reaching down and lifting you effortlessly with one strong arm, out of the pit of shame and despair? You find safety and comfort in the warmth of The Prince’s mighty torso as He holds you tight. In an instant, all the darkness has been pushed aside and a powerful light seeps into your tired bones, bringing with it life, hope and then . . . can it be? Sweet joy!

This is not a silly story. It’s true! You have already been rescued. But better than just making an escape, He redeems your life!

You need to trust me, sister. He does. He has. He will. But first, you need to be a brave princess and tell your secret to someone safe; to bring the darkness out of the boogie man closet and into the light. The first step is trusting someone with your pain. Then, together, take it to the cross. He wants to translate – rewrite – your life. Your fairy-tale ending waits! It’s not over! It’s not too late!

Dear Prince of Peace, so many of your daughters are hurting. We cry out to you for rescue . . . for healing . . . for restoration. Thank you for promising in your Word that you do pull us out of the darkness and into the light and freedom of your Kingdom. Ride on! We’re here waiting . . .hands raised high, trusting in your strong arms.

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