Decadence and Decay


Decadence and decay are inseparable. When a nation forgets that it is answerable to God, there is inevitable social and moral decline.


Draw me near to Your heart and help me to bring Your light to a world in darkness.


Jeremiah 5:14-31


In what ways does our society reflect Israel in the passage?

As faith is abandoned as the foundation of many modern societies, an important question arises: if not faith, then what else can provide a moral framework? Atheists and humanists insist that a society can be a healthy and caring one even without the foundation of faith. But Jeremiah disagrees--as, I would suggest, so does the evidence before us today.

In addition to the idolatry already highlighted by Jeremiah, as faith wanes other sins now become evident and are listed by the prophet. These include the rich getting richer at the expense of the poor (26,27); contempt for justice and the shameful mistreatment of the vulnerable (28); corrupt government and the abuse of authority (30,31). Jeremiah is clear: when a nation acts with complacency and its leaders and people forget they are answerable to God, there is inevitable social and moral decline. Decadence and decay are inseparable.

Jeremiah refers to the fear of the Lord (22,24). By this he means the right worship of an all-powerful God to whom worship is due both as Creator and as one who keeps covenant faithfulness with his people (as implied in v. 25).


Consider what you fear. Do you fear to displease God more than others? Take time to pray and reflect.


Your Word says that to fear You is to hate evil. May I give no place to that which separates from You.

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