Dealing With the "Moves" in Life


How have you dealt with major transitions, life changes, and decisions?

Our family has been in a serious phase of transition. Eighteen months ago, we moved away from everything we have ever known. We moved to new jobs, new schools, a new city, a new church and new friends. The “news” just keep going.

For the most part, things have gone smoothly, but major transitions and change are exhausting no matter how well things go.

We moved to Colorado Springs for my job here in marriage ministry at Focus on the Family. My wife and I were definitely in agreement that this was the best decision for our family, but to make this move, it meant leaving family, friends, jobs, church and a community that we absolutely loved. Typically, families in our stage of life with young kids move closer to family – not much farther away. When people are as settled and comfortable as we were in our small town, you often grow roots deeper, not rip them up.

However, when you feel God leading, no matter how intimidating and disruptive it may seem, I think you need to follow. So we did. Although we've had our ups and downs, I’m so thankful we’re here. As much as we miss our family, friends and our great life in Arkansas, it’s become clear that this is exactly where we’re supposed to be.

I wish the transitions were done for now, but we’re about to make another one. We’re actually about to buy a house here in Colorado Springs. After three long years on the market, we finally sold our home in Arkansas, which meant we could look out here and not have to rent anymore.

Huge praise to the Lord, but many of the same thoughts, feelings and fears I experienced in making the move out here are coming back. Are we sure this is the right decision? Will we be able to afford everything? Is this the best thing for the boys? And on and on it goes. There’s both the excitement of this new adventure and the corresponding fear of what it all might entail.

As a man, husband and father, I try to walk as boldly and confidently as I can, but sometimes it’s hard. I've been having trouble sleeping, I find myself anxious and preoccupied, and—for the most part—pretty overwhelmed by it all.

I firmly believe that we are walking according to what God has for us, but I’m still a little nervous. Is that possible? Can we both feel confident in the Lord and yet still struggle? How do I make sure that I’m leading my family well, but also transparent enough for them to see my struggles along with my faith? I want them to be able to trust me, but I also want them to know that I am fully leaning on God’s truths and promises. 

Written by Jackson Dunn

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