Every time you “resist the devil” so that he flees from you (Jas. 4:7), you demonstrate his actual status: DEFEATED.

Romans 16:20

Sometimes what the Bible says about Satan having been defeated by God doesn't seem consistent with his apparent activity: If he has been defeated, why is there still so much evil in the world? Theologians like to use an illustration from World War II to explain Satan’s current status—and the role of the believer related to it.

World War II can be described in general terms as a conflict between the Allied and Axis powers. The primary Allied powers were England, the Soviet Union, the United States, and France. They united to defeat the aggression of Germany, Italy, Japan and others—the Axis powers. Germany’s war machine was rolling across Europe and seemed destined to conquer the entire continent. To stop them, the Allies mounted the largest military invasion in history off the shores of France. That invasion, known as D-Day, took place on June 6, 1944. When that invasion was accomplished, the defeat of the Axis powers became a certainty, even though it took another year of conflict before the Axis powers surrendered.

D-Day, in military parlance, stood for “Designated-Day.” In Christian terms, we could refer to Christ’s death and resurrection as a D-Day as well—“Defeat-Day”—the day that Satan’s defeat became a certainty. In that momentous three-day time frame, Christ took away sin by paying the penalty for it on the cross, and defeated death by his resurrection. Satan’s doom was sealed the day Christ’s tomb was unsealed. But just as it took a year before peace was restored to Europe, so we are in a “mopping up” period now with regard to Satan. He is defeated, and he knows it, but he is still skirmishing in an attempt to win minor victories before his ultimate demise. And that is where believers come in. It’s easy to think that Satan’s roar is a legitimate one. But we must remember what Paul told the Roman Christians about our defeated foe: “The God of peace will soon crush Satan under your feet.” 

Every time you “resist the devil” so that he flees from you (Jas. 4:7), you demonstrate his actual status: DEFEATED. In Christ, Christians are helping to close the gap between D-Day and the day peace is restored forever.


God’s Promise to You: “In Christ, you have the power to demonstrate the devil’s defeat.”

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