Covering the World in Prayer: East Africa


Join us in praying for our brothers and sisters in East African countries.

We invite you to join us in covering the world in prayer. World Vision’s Hope Prayer Team prays for our brothers and sisters around the globe, region by region. Let's focus on our work in East African countries, including Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Somalia, South Sudan, Sudan, Tanzania, and Uganda. Let’s lift up the concerns of the families and children of these nations to our heavenly Father, and listen to what He has to say to us about them.

Pray for Horn of Africa countries facing drought-triggered food shortages.

While food security is slowly improving in the Horn of Africa since the drought and food crisis of 2011, significant vulnerability still exists in parts of Ethiopia, Kenya, and Somalia. At the height of the drought, 13.3 million people needed humanitarian aid. Today more than 9 million people remain affected by food insecurity, and children still face malnutrition of varying degrees. World Vision continues to be a steadfast part of the humanitarian effort in these countries. For example, when the 2011 drought in Ethiopia began to kill livestock, World Vision helped with water trucking and animal feed. Ask God to stop cycles of drought in this parched part of the world.

Dear Lord, You are Creator of heaven and earth. Rain falls where You send it. Please send consistent rain, Lord, for crops to grow and for people and livestock to drink in the Horn of Africa. Heal the bodies of precious little ones who suffer from malnutrition, and strengthen the men and women who are working hard to return them to full health.

Pray for Rwanda and Uganda as these countries host refugees who have fled the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Fierce fighting in the volatile eastern DRC has forced thousands to seek refuge in Rwanda and Uganda. Many of the people who have fled to resettlement camps are children younger than 18. The weather is colder than they are used to, making pneumonia is a serious health concern. Lack of food supplements for children and clothes to protect them from the cold are significant challenges in the refugee camps. Thank God for generous corporate donations to World Vision, including sweaters, scarves, blue jeans, and shoes, as well as soccer balls and toys for children whose families arrived in camps with few belongings.

Dear Lord, in developed countries like the United States, we seldom think about the blessing of sweaters and shoes. Today, we thank You for these basics in our lives. And we are also grateful for the same life-saving gifts from World Vision partners for the refugees in Rwanda and Uganda. We ask You to guard refugees’ health in the camps and protect their bodies from colder temperatures.

Pray for South Sudan.

Less than two years old as an independent state, South Sudan faces significant challenges. Up to half the country faces hunger; high levels of child mortality persist; and many former refugees are returning. South Sudan also faces internal conflicts as well as ongoing tensions with Sudan. Despite this, the people of South Sudan are resilient and optimistic about their future. A World Vision program manager for South Sudan says that during a recent visit, he saw children enjoying school, herds of healthy cattle, farmers plowing their fields, and people busy working on their houses. Ask God to guide this young nation and give its people a vision for a healthy future—and the determination to make it happen.

Dear Lord, You have watched the birth of so many nations throughout the ages. Grant wisdom to the leaders of South Sudan as they face many challenges at this early time in their country’s history.

Pray for Tanzanian families working together to rise above poverty.

World Vision continues to support families that were affected by drought and experienced significant food shortages due to very high food prices. In Tanzania, World Vision is helping farmers organize cooperative farming groups that work together and sell their produce as a group. World Vision also supports the groups with water pumps and training in good agricultural practices. Thank God for the resources He provides so that World Vision can participate in His transformational work in nearly 100 countries around the world, including Tanzania.

Dear Lord, In Your earthly ministry, You had compassion for people who were hungry and thirsty. Thank You for allowing World Vision staff to work alongside families in Tanzania and around the globe. We ask You to cultivate this work to change people’s lives forever.

Pray for World Vision’s child sponsorship communities in Burundi, Ethiopia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania, and Uganda.

Child sponsorship is the backbone of our work to help communities become thriving places where children can play, learn, and grow into healthy adults. Thank the Lord for generous and faithful donors who support this vital work. Ask Him to give World Vision wisdom in helping communities discover the best solutions to the poverty that keeps His children from experiencing fullness of life.

Dear Lord, Thank You for every donor who supports World Vision child sponsorship in East Africa. Their faithfulness enables so much good to be done in Your name. We know this brings You pleasure because it supports the poor, the widow, and the orphan. Help community members to continue this hard work of making their communities places where all children are nurtured, loved, protected, healthy, educated, and strong.

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