Covering the World in Prayer: Asia-Pacific Islands


Tuberculosis, food security, violence against women, education for children and typhoon survivors—we have many things to pray about for the Asia-Pacific Islands.

Sponsored child Baby Claire, 9, whose home was smashed by falling coconut palm trees during Typhoon Haiyan, was happy to see that the medals she won at school had survived the storm. The family was saved by going to a nearby community center.

A recent series of natural disasters continues to hinder stability for Filipino communities, and limited access to educational opportunities delays children’s development in Indonesia. These are just two examples of how children and families are struggling to survive and thrive in the Asia-Pacific islands. They need your prayers. Please lift up World Vision’s work with communities in the Philippines, Indonesia, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands, East Timor, and Papua New Guinea.

Pray for Typhoon Haiyan survivors in the Philippines.

13.2 million people in the central Philippines are dealing with the aftermath of the largest typhoon to make landfall on record. Authorities report 5,600 people dead or missing. More than 4.4 million were displaced from their homes. World Vision has distributed aid and is setting up Child-Friendly Spaces to provide a safe place for children to learn, play, and emotionally recover from the effects of the typhoon.

Lord, have mercy on the people of the Philippines. Bring sufficient food and other necessities to survivors, so they don’t despair or lose hope. Reveal Your love through the tireless efforts of compassionate aid workers.

Pray for disaster preparedness in the Philippines.

The Philippines deals with more than 20 natural disasters each year, most of them storms and floods. Because they strike so frequently, many families have little time between events to recover and rebuild. World Vision works closely with communities and government agencies to help people prepare for and quickly respond to disasters. Additional training helps families become resilient.

Lord, may those suffering from the effects of recent natural disasters ultimately put their hope in You. When the storms rage and waters rise, equip aid workers to meet the most urgent needs. And when the effects subside, provide teachers to train community members in basic disaster preparation skills.

Pray for early childhood education in Indonesia and Vanuatu.

About 98 percent of Indonesian children attend primary school, but just 58 percent continue on to secondary education. One in five children in Vanatu does not attend primary school. In both island nations, World Vision helps preschoolers learn basic skills and establish an appetite for learning.

Lord, many children in rural Indonesia and Vanuatu lack access to resources like transportation, which prevents them from attending primary and secondary school. Bless teachers and parents with energy and wisdom to create an accessible and invigorating environment where their children can grow strong and learn to know You.  

Pray for an end to violence against women in the Solomon Islands. 

Two out of three women in the Solomon Islands have experienced physical and/or sexual violence from an intimate partner, according to a 2009 government study. World Vision uses an innovative, biblical approach to address gender-based violence in communities here. The organization recently adapted its Channels of Hope for Gender community training for the Royal Solomon Islands Police Force to use.The police are seeing hearts change and peace return to many households.

Jesus, we know Your heart breaks every time someone abuses their spouse or loved one. Thank You for equipping law enforcement to address these issues in the Solomon Islands, and give World Vision the resources to reach more communities where women and children face abuse.

Pray for food security in East Timor.

East Timor celebrated a decade of independence from Indonesia in 2012, but the country still ranks 134 of 186 countries on the United Nations' human development index. In East Timor’s rural areas, nine out of 10 people rely on agriculture for their livelihood. When the rains don’t come, farm families struggle to feed themselves. World Vision equips farmers to improve their yields and income through training in new methods, seeds, and diversified crop cultivation.

Lord, we acknowledge our reliance on You to provide the elements necessary to grow crops. We humbly submit our desire for families to flourish by Your provision. We ask that You bring rain. Bring nutrients. Bring hope to struggling families.

Pray for people with tuberculosis in Papua New Guinea.

Papua New Guinea is one of the most culturally and geographically diverse countries in the world. The island nation also has one of the highest rates of TB in the Pacific region, according to the World Health Organization. World Vision works with the national department of health to treat TB patients and educate communities about the disease.

Jesus, embolden health workers to emulate Your model of healing to those living with TB. Encourage those who are sick to be faithful in their treatment so the disease will not spread or become drug-resistant. Allow Your hope to invade the hearts of families struggling with the disease.

Written by Chris Huber.

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