Coping with an Unreasonable Boss


Working as if you work for the Lord is key to walking in the works He has planned for you.

Work as “for the Lord” to walk in His work for you

A friend once came to me about struggles at work. He felt his boss was being completely unreasonable. Have you ever felt like that?

As he told his story, I began to understand.

“My boss is constantly on my case. He thinks my office is a mess, that I make personal calls on company time and that I am always late. What he doesn’t understand is that to the untrained eye my desk might look like a mess, but I know exactly where everything is. I might make a personal call here and there during the work day and occasionally I have been known to slide in a little late, but I stay late every day to make up for it, so it shouldn’t matter to him as long as I am getting the work done, right?”

I understood his plight; it wasn’t the first time I had heard a similar story. Can you guess what advice I gave him? It was very simple.

  1. Clean up your office.
  2. Quit making personal calls during the day.
  3. Arrive on time or, better yet, early.

I asked him to implement these changes over the next 30 days, and then we would revisit the issue of his unreasonable boss.

Can you guess what happened 30 days later? He and his boss were changed men. My friend “obeyed” his boss, and his boss was pleased! The issue wasn’t the boss or even “the work”; the issue was how he did the work.

Have you ever been in a similar situation – working for an unreasonable boss?

Are you working “heartily, as for the Lord” in your current situation? If yes, how? If not, how might your current circumstances be different if you did?

Working as for the Lord is key to walking in the works He has for you!

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