In this excerpt from God's Blogs, find out what God might say if He wrote a blog about the divine connections He weaves throughout our lives here on Earth.

Today I listened to millions of prayers. Many of them were from hurting people begging Me for intervention and asking Me why. In order for you to understand, I’ll use the human vernacular for just a second and say that My heart aches for you so often. I see and feel your pain and do what I know is best… and yet, I know you cannot understand for now.

There is a concept you can understand though, and if you grab hold of it, it might help.

It’s about your connections. Many of you are unaware of your role in the universe and how important your every thought and word and deed are.

They are connected to others in ways you will never see.

People are put into your path. It is important that you notice them and that you talk to Me about them, and especially that you hear from Me on how to act and react to them.

Let Me tell you about a family that I see right now. In a crib in Phoenix, Arizona, lies a little infant named Megan. Megan was born a few months ago with a birth defect. Her mother is sitting in a rocking chair in the living room of their little house praying to Me. She is also feeling somewhat guilty that her child was born like this.

Let Me tell you what I see in the future of that little girl. Her mother realizes she can’t bear this burden alone, and she begins to rely on Me to help her. A thread makes its way through history, and you are tied to it.

Little Megan grows up surrounded by love. She hears her mother tell her Bible stories and stories about Me and My love. She attends a church where in spite of her “not being normal,” she is loved by a youth group. I watch as she learns and grows and loves. I watch her at her wedding where over three hundred people weep and smile and hardly notice any unnatural deformities because they are so mesmerized by her countenance.

Their smiles are there because they know her heart. Her life has given them encouragement. Megan’s mom has given them a gift. And many don’t see the connection.

Her dad has given them all a gift. He loved her and sacrificed to be with her and didn’t get his promotion at work. And that alone allowed him to stay home more… and his constant presence made her feel more loved and more normal.

And all of that has caused her to be a loving servant to many. Many think it is sad that her dad didn’t get to fulfill what he could have… and they don’t see the connection either.

All of this could be the end of the blog, and you could see how important it was to see the connection between a mother and father’s love and how it impacts a child and how that child impacts the people around them. But I want to tell you more.

I AM here in Megan’s present, and I AM watching more of the connections way in the future. (We’re gonna travel fast through the future here, so pay attention and don’t get lost.)

I watched Megan have her first son Daniel, and then I watched him listen to a lot of the same stories she heard from her mother. Daniel grew up and as a nineteen-year-old worked in a Starbucks, where on a Saturday in April in 2045, Daniel sat down with a fifteen-year-old and shared his faith in Me with that kid.

That kid—his name is Nathan—had an interesting future. By the time his life was over, he had used his platform as a speaker to communicate to over thirty million people. He communicated truth about Me that changed the world… in a way that I really like.

Here’s the thought for you to consider. People are put in your path almost every day. Some are quite unobtrusive, and you might not even notice them. Many are somewhat undesirable, and you don’t want to notice them.

Some are right in your path, and you are forced to at least acknowledge their presence.

But you make connections and the connections never die. The thread just keeps unrolling through time—touching everyone, tying everyone together. It won’t stop until you walk into eternity.


You have been placed in circumstances sometimes far beyond what you would have chosen and could imagine yourself in.

Be aware of those circumstances… they could be another chance to change the future of the universe.

Look around. Very near to you is a person through whom you can change the future of millions of people… people whom you will never see… futures you will never know about… but I will.

And when we get together at My place soon, I will tell you all about them, and how your connection made the difference. And you will smile with Me one of those everlasting, God-sized smiles.

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