Confronting Goliaths


When you face adversity, whatever the outcome seems to be, the battle is the Lord’s. He gives victory to the faithful.

1 Samuel 17:1-53

David’s short battle with Goliath was more than a fight between Israelites and Philistines. It was a defense of Jehovah’s name against those who doubted His supremacy. As David pointed out, the only way a boy with a sling could defeat a giant warrior like Goliath was by the Lord’s hand. And that’s exactly what happened.

In confronting Goliath, David showed real courage and faith. But we see that what drove him to face the giant was righteous indignation: “For who is this uncircumcised Philistine, that he should taunt the armies of the living God?” (1 Sam. 17:26). David believed that someone had to wipe away from Israel the reproach caused by Goliath’s insults. Since no one else would step forward, he volunteered to defend Yahweh’s name.

Modern audiences often read this story merely as a battle scene wherein an inexperienced underdog toppled an ancient superhero. We comfort ourselves that we will probably never have to deal with such a scenario. But the real story is that David stood up for God. Given how our culture scoffs at both the Father and Jesus Christ, believers will certainly spend some time in David’s sandals. The question is whether we will listen to our own flesh and silently remain in fear, or stand and represent God’s name in the way for which He’s called and equipped us.

You don’t need a theology degree to combat those who would mock God. Your “smooth stones” (v. 40) are the truths you have pulled from the Bible. No enemy can win an argument against Scripture. Whatever the outcome seems to be, the battle is the Lord’s, and He gives victory to the faithful.

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