Confess - Renew - Praise


Isn't it wonderful that aspects of Old Testament customs can still apply to New Testament believers?

The more I read about the ceremonial law, the more thankful I am for our sacrificial Lamb. Jesus’ shed blood and willingness to bear our sins cancelled the sacrificial system. The final sacrificial ceremony was held on an altar called Golgotha. The Sacrifice breathed His last breath and the curtain in the Temple that separated man from the Holy of Holies was torn (Matthew 27). Jesus’ death gives us full access to the throne of God. We can approach God with boldness and confidence with our praises, prayers, and heart’s cries (Hebrews 4:16).

Though the sacrificial system has been annulled, we can still glean much from it. The purpose of the system was to make individuals aware and accountable for their sin. Their offering to the Lord closed the gap between them and God that their sin had created. Now, all who accept Jesus as their Savior are made right with God. We are made right, not sinless; therefore, when we sin we should confess and turn from it. Our confession can be likened to the sacrificial system.

When an individual went to purify themselves, there was a required order to the sacrifices being offered. We can follow suit as we seek to purify ourselves through the confession of our sin.

  1. Sin or Trespass Offering (Confess)
    This offering is for the removal of all sin. We acknowledge all our sin and make a commitment to turn from it.
  2. Burnt Offering (Renew)
    This offering is for the atonement of unintentional sin, and also shows devotion, dedication, and our yielding to God. Through confession, we renew our surrender and commitment to God.
  3. Peace, Grain, and Drink Offering (Praise)
    This offering is one of gratitude for God’s continual benevolence and provision. It’s important to praise God for taking care of our needs.

Confess. Renew. Praise. Don’t you love how Old Testament customs apply to us New Testament believers?

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