Conduct of Affairs


Are there areas of your life in which greater integration is needed to bring all under the Lordship of Christ?


Father God, take my unworthy self and by Your power, may my praise to You be worthy.


Psalm 101:1-8


Consider:  "The blameless spend their days under the Lord's care" (Psa. 37:18).

Think Further: 

David's commitment to "be careful to lead a blameless life" (2) should be the ambition of every believer--but it sounds impossibly demanding, an intention that's bound to fail. So what does he have in mind? We might more accurately translate his promise as one to live a life of integrity, as the rest of the psalm explains, rather than one of spotless perfection. However, before looking at what this implies for his conduct of affairs (2) we should note why he makes this vow. He does so because the Lord is characterized by covenant love and incorruptible justice (1). He's seeking, then, to reflect God's own character in his daily dealings with others. He's fulfilling the command to "be holy, because I am holy" (Lev. 11:44; 19:2; 20:26; and 21:8). This is the greatest incentive of all.

David reviews the areas of his life where integrity is needed if he is to keep his vow, especially in his role as king. Integrity is needed in the way he leads and nurtures his family (2b,3a); in the people he associates with (3b,4); in upholding the truth and denouncing arrogant lying (5); in furthering the interests of the godly (6); in distancing himself from evil (7); and in administering uncorrupted justice (8). These verses cover his private and public life, his actions and his speech, his will and his emotions. Integrity is to live an undivided life where every aspect of it is made to serve God and obey his law. David is not going to live a fragmented life where he serves God in some areas but not others. What a wonderful prescription this would be for politicians today as well as for every disciple of Jesus, who himself was described as "a man of integrity" (Matt. 22:16). 


Look at James 1:8, 3:9-12 and 4:8, and ask if there are areas of your life where greater integration is needed to bring all under the Lordship of Christ.


Patient God, I pick myself up again today and resolve again to walk in Your ways. Thank You for new hope and new beginnings.

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