Cast All Your Cares Upon Him


By choosing not to worry and by casting all our cares upon Him, we become witnesses of His grace and sufficiency.

What one lives for and who a person is internally is seen by the way he or she responds to problems and difficulties. Only when the storm comes, the rain falls and the earth shakes do we learn the true character of the person. When circumstances become adverse or severe tests and temptations are given to an individual, you see what kind of person he or she really is on the inside. In these types of situations, a lot of people fall into anxiety. But the Lord wants us to be different, and to live lives of victory. And by doing this, choosing not to worry and casting all our cares upon Him, we are being witness to the world of His grace and sufficiency.

Worry causes us to lose the opportunity to enjoy the present blessings. Are you able to enjoy life right now? The friends you have, the opportunities given you, your teachers, your living space, your family, are you able to enjoy these things that God has given you? Think about the opportunities you have to get to know people. Life long relationships are wonderful blessings. Look at the trees, the flowers, the friends and all the many blessings in life. Then smile, laugh and sing and go on with life. Don’t let worries and cares rob you of the joy God has given you.

Worry makes us forget our worth. When you start worrying about things, you actually make yourself feel inferior. You lose out on knowing that you are somebody important to God. He made you, and you are unique. He knows you and cares about you. But when you worry, you are actually saying, “God, I can’t really matter that much to You. I can’t be that valuable and precious. You wouldn’t really take care of me like that, would You?” Listen. Your Father cares about you. He understands you. He loves you even more than you love Jesus. That is Scripture. That is truth! We are of incredible worth.

Don’t welcome in the thief of worry.

When God told Moses to lead the people out of Egypt, Moses could have asked a lot of questions and done a lot of worrying. “Where is the water? Where is the soap? Where are the clothes? Where is the milk? What about the meat? Where is the bread for this many people? What is going to happen? How are you going to build a bridge? What will you do with all our enemies? Aren’t they very powerful?” There must have been a thousand questions. But there were no explanations. The only answer was, “I Am who I Am. I will be with you. In Me all your need will be met. Don’t take your life into your own hands.” Life is never fifty percent God’s work and fifty percent your part. That is not in the Bible.  It is one hundred percent God’s work.  He promised to take care of it all.

When you are faced with problems—a lack of resources, a misunderstanding or some health problem—you have a choice. You can either give in and react through worrying and anguish or you can pray and ask other people to pray for you and leave the whole mess and all the worries with God. Refuse to entertain cares and worries. Make a choice.  Say to yourself out loud if need be, “Listen, what am I worried about? I do not have to worry about it. I will not do it. My God knows my future. I don’t have to worry about what happens ten years from now, because today He is with me. He knows my tomorrow.  He will take care of me.” You can choose not to worry about things through the power of Jesus Christ, who is with you and in you. The Holy Spirit will give you the strength.

Sins from your past are not just covered. They are judged, removed and cleansed. In the Old Testament sin was covered, but it was not removed. The blood of animals did not remove sin. It did not wipe sin away. It just covered it. But Jesus’ death on the Cross, His blood, wiped all things clean. There is no more record of your sin. So don’t live with guilt, remorse and worry over the past. Don’t inflict wounds on yourself anymore. Don’t try to pay for your past. Jesus already did that. Receive and accept His gift.


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