Build Em Up: Calling All Women’s Groups


Commitment of time with like-minded women is not only worth it, it is critical.

My Heart On Groups

I have a fear of commitments right now. I can’t say yes to another anything weekly and I have felt like this for years.  I already cannot STAND that people say “oh you are so busy” or “I know you are so busy.” I already have a reputation of being triple-booked, always on my phone and way too much on my plate. I am not proud of this fact. I am grateful for many fun opportunities, but I don’t want that on my tomb — she was really busy. Without margin or white space, there isn’t room for relationships and phone calls and God to move.

If a friend had an issue or a need and did NOT call me because they assumed I was too busy – shoot me now! Seriously, I’d rather be there for a friend in real life – pick up a sick child, cry with a weary mom or do carpool for a friend more than “to do” or “conference call” on my list.

God is pressing on me lately about the idea of a ladies group. Honestly, I haven’t done very many. I have always been in “small groups” or “connect groups” with my husband. And that will never change. I also have a core group of moms that I depend on for most mom issues. And, I have participated in two mentor groups which have influenced me in huge ways. I have also done my own studies and books for many years. However, I am feeling it’s time for me to make this commitment and actually step up and lead it.

I believe the commitment of time with like-minded women is not only worth it, it is critical.

As wonderful as our online relationships are – I need face-to-face friends for accountability, love and friendship. It’s easy to get isolated behind a computer. If I want my church and my city to be filled with a community of families madly in love with Jesus…. what can I do to help that? If I want to lead others in a mighty way – how much time am I really spending studying God’s work and growing personally? If I want to be a woman that shares my faith authentically  – am I leaving my house enough? And getting in circles to let Him work?

I believe there are local moms in my very own church that need me and I need them more importantly.

So, I’m doing what I don”t have time to do – but I know God is whispering for me to do. I am leading a group this Fall – one study at a time. For some ladies in my church that I’ve been wanting to get to know anyway. If you are at Summit and looking for a weekday morning group, email me – taking as many folks as I can. It’s not even official or legal I don’t think with the church – I’m just gathering some women at my home and we are diving in.

Also, there is a crew of you that are feeling the nudge to start one and the enemy is doing a number on your confidence. Do it. You can do it. You are a facilitator and an organizer. You are not an expert on the Bible. You are gathering women and God does the rest. Order books – send emails. Gather them and He will show up.

And another thing!….remember, this has nothing to do with “actions” and doing the right thing to be a good little Christian and everything to do with your heart. God wants to know us deeply. Something beautiful happens when like-minded women get together and share real life struggles and praises. He moves. So, it’s about knowing Him not working for Him or impressing Him.

Tell me about a group you have loved.

Is your group getting started again this Fall? Taking new members?

What kind of group have you been in and how has it impacted you?

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