Boredom with the Rules


Sometimes life requires desert experiences—when the days seem long and following the rules gets old.

“Never grow tired of doing good, for at just the right time, you will reap a harvest of righteousness.” Galatians 6:9

So much of life is a cycle.  The tide rolls in, and tide rolls out; the waves never stop crashing on the shore.  There is a time to plant and a time to uproot; a time to search out a matter and time to let it go. 

Our spiritual lives take on a similar pattern.  They ebb and flow, and there is good reason for this.  You see… just as babies are weaned from their milk and solid food replaces it - so we are being weaned in our walks with our LORD.  He is training us.  He is growing us spiritually.  He is teaching us to not rely on those mountaintop experiences, but - to push through by a sheer act of our will when things get tiring or tough. 

The feelings of closeness or walking in step with Jesus come and go.  There are times when we absolutely need to feel His presence, and in those moments - He is there for us every time.  There are others, when He is training us up in righteousness, and He needs to strengthen our faith.  He wants our roots to grow deep in Him; not to make us some spiritual giant in the faith; but, to ready us for what lies ahead.  When times of testing come… when the winds of adversity blow and our faith is shaken; our roots will hold us strong. 

For those of us that are leaders or influential - these “storms” of testing seem to come more often.  God is always preparing us for that next stage of our journey, and He works tirelessly to make us into warriors for His Kingdom.  Whether we like it or not - anyone He chooses to use in mighty ways, must be tested thoroughly.  We must undergo discipline and pass through the refiners fire; removing from us the childish, selfish, rebellious parts that remain. 

No one likes to go through a season of life, full of hopeful expectation that seems just beyond reach.  But, truthfully - sometimes it takes those desert experiences, when the days seem long, and following the rules gets old.   The call of a past life without responsibility and full of excitement can seem so enticing.  It’s in times like these that we must keep our eyes focused on the author and perfecter of our faith.  Everything we need for life and Godliness is contained in the books of scripture; there is no better place to grow up in the things of God, than to remain in His word daily. 

To quote the Patriot, “there is a peace that can only be found on the other side of war.” And, the same can be true for us.  Maybe there is a battle that needs to be waged.  Maybe there is a sin that needs to be dealt with.  Maybe your fight is based solely on God testing your resolve; to see if you have what it takes to face the adversaries of boredom and routine.

Please know - we ALL go through this.  It is nothing to be embarrassed of.  It is not unique to you.  Find an accountability partner and stay transparent.  This too is a season; and, you CAN overcome it!

Prayer: “Dear Lord, you know exactly what you are trying to accomplish in each of our lives.  You know the battles that lie ahead.  Thank you for making us more into your image.  Thank you for readying us for the war.  Thank you for weaning us of a constant need of reassurance, and teaching us to trust in your unwavering faithfulness - even in the desert times.  You have proved yourself time and time again.  May we, too remain steadfast.”

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