BIG Goals Inspire BIG Results


You may have realized your calling at a young age, or you may still be looking for the best way to utilize your passions and skills. How will you do something great with the time you have left?

Every generation has dreams. Big or small. Generational or personal. With each passing generation, we are enjoying more freedom and more opportunities than before. Or are we?

The Baby Boomers took it upon their generation to see racial and gender equality move closer to reality while achieving The American Dream.

Then came Generation X whose ideals were based on equality and combating corruption while desiring to create balance and stability.

And now Generation Y has built on that with the idea that "You can be anything you want to be.”

The great news is that this freedom to pursue your true calling isn’t limited to young people. You were born with dreams in your heart. You may have realized your calling at a young age, or you might still be looking for the best way to utilize your passions and skills. How will you do something great with the time you have left?

How can you Think BIG?

Setting aside your fear of failure and your sense of logic, start by setting big goals for things you have dismissed as impossible. Take each goal and break it into doable chunks.

“Dreaming the impossible dream,” may be counter to what you’ve heard in the past, but humor me by writing down something you’d like to achieve that aligns with your passions and talents. As you look at that goal, you may laugh and shake your head thinking there is no way it will happen. But what if you had written down an easy goal, a goal you know you will achieve?

Routine goals inspire routine results.

BIG Goals Inspire BIG Results!

Take a chance on impacting the world. Only you have your particular set of skills and intelligences that can contribute to your unique genius and making your dreams happen. You get one life and you have the potential to change the world. How will you use it? Set goals and expectations for yourselves that enable you to grow and achieve them.

Strong individuals, strong families, and strong teams begin with a leader who has the vision, the courage, and the focus to Think BIG!


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