Behold! The Son Rises


Dee Brestin leads a study on how God's creation parallels Christ's resurrection.

Have you ever thought about how creation parallels the truths of God? Drawing from Job and a few other poetic passages, let's observe how all of nature reflects the resurrection of Christ.

1. What comparison does Psalm 19:5-6 make between the rising sun and Jesus the Bridegroom?

2. T. M. Moore, who has a great book called “God’s Prayer Program” on passionately praying the psalms, shows us how to sing some psalms to familiar hymn melodies. Each morning, with the sunrise, I've been singing this verse of Psalm 19 to the tune of Beneath the Cross of Jesus. Now, you can learn this verse, by singing it to the same tune:

Behold, the sun arises, a bridegroom strong and bright

Rejoicing as he runs his course from morning unto night.

From east to west across the skies his circuit he completes

And none can hide his sinful eyes or shelter from his heat.

Sing until you can sing it by heart — and then record your contemplations.

3. What does God ask Job about the sunrise in Job 38:12-13. 90% of crimes, the FBI tells us, happen in the dark. Why is the literal rising sun a gift to mankind? What parallel do you see with the rising Son?

4. Why should everyone, according to Psalm 19 and Job 38-41 know about God? Why are we all, even in the most remote areas of the earth, without excuse for acknowledging God?

5.  What are some ways you have sensed God’s presence this week?

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