Before Choosing Goals, Define Your Purpose


Before you choose your goals, it's wise to first choose who you want to become. This means deciding in advance how you believe God wants you to change.

Before you choose your goals, it is wise to first choose who you want to become. This means deciding in advance how you believe God wants you to change. As human beings, we need a sense of purpose in our lives as much as we need food, water and oxygen. This sense of purpose provides meaning and significance. It makes us feel useful and is a constant reminder that our life matters.

When you have a deep sense of purpose or mission, you live from the inside out. This means who you are triggers what you do. Your outer life accurately reflects your values, priorities and principles. You begin living more authentically, more freely and more intuitively. When you tap into the wellspring of your personal mission, you become more creative, energetic and passionate. You become totally absorbed in the pursuit of your goals, like a child at play, because your goals are in sync with what you are all about.

Without a deep sense of purpose, life is devoid of true significance or long-term meaning. This type of existence is characterized by going through the motions, cynicism, pessimism, apathy and ultimately a life of mediocrity. It is living perpetually in survival mode. It’s a life that constantly needs to be filed up with things from the outside – busyness, distractions and continuous activity.

You may have no greater responsibility than to determine what God put you here on earth to accomplish. Why do you exist? Generally, everyone shares the common purposes of learning, growing and contributing, but what about you specifically? How do you believe God wants the world to be different because of your particular life?

You may not have uncovered it yet, but there is undoubtedly an answer to that question. It is worth searching for, because the answer reveals your purpose. And in this purpose, you must find your true place, or what in The 1% Club call your Genius.  Your true place is your unique path to glorifying God. When you arrive in your true place, you will know it. You will feel a sense of destiny as what you most love to do merges with what you do best. This is where you will spend your life in your own way, making the difference that you are uniquely equipped to make.

The more you experience your true place, the more you will be drawn to it. The tinge of dissatisfaction, which perhaps only you knew existed, will disappear. You will enjoy invigorating surges of self-worth, as there will no longer be a need to compare yourself with anyone else. You will be healthier, more prosperous and full of joy.

While each of us has many areas where we can do well, there is but one Genius. God had one particular thing in mind when he made you.


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